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General Hospital Recap for Monday September 12, 2022

General Hospital daily recaps. For September 12, 2022. All the drama, weekdays.

General Hospital Recap for Monday September 12, 2022

General Hospital daily recaps. For September 12, 2022. All the drama, weekdays.

Violet is having a good time in the Metro Court Pool with her uncle Chase and her grandfather Gregory. Curtis and Finn join in on the fun. Chase congratulates Curtis on getting engaged.Curtis tells Gregory to drop by the Savoy, he is welcome anytime. N’neka, Curtis’ employee, calls him to inform him that Ms. Wu is holding court at The Savoy.He leaves and goes to the club to deal with Selina.

Chase and Violet are still having a good time in the water. Finn, who respects his father’s option, reveals that Liz told him she had a problem. She acknowledges that she is having trouble with recollections that are unclear to her. Gregory says that if she has suppressed her memories, it may be because she isn’t yet ready to face them. Finn wishes he knew how to help Elizabeth. In addition, he admits that Nikolas seriously troubles him. Gregorys gives Finn a piece of advice, like I told you when you were young, you need to read before you tackle the encyclopedia.

Ms. Wu is at the Savoy waiting for her meeting with Cody.  He has a proposition for her. He wants to make money and wants in on the next poker game. He asks if she will cover Him on the next buy in. Cody is informed that if he abides by her terms, she would pay for his entry fee. She will give him advice on who to support in winning and who she wants to lose. She guarantees he will become very wealthy.Cody soon realizes that Ms. Wu is not referring to a single game. She advises him to give it some thought, but not to take too long because she is not known for her patients. Cody leaves before Curtis arrives.

When Curtis enters The Savoy, he sees Ms. Wu there at the bar still savoring her iced tea. When Curtis asks her who she had a meeting with, she swiftly responds that is none of his business. She acknowledges that she only waited to offer him a gift after hearing N’neka give him a call. She wants to improve the club’s audio system. She made the suggestion that Chase Harrison would increase business and publicize The Savoy. She advises Curtis to get acclimated to being involved with her business, because her customers feel secure at The Savoy. She walks away, leaving him to consider her proposal. This gives Curtis private time, which he uses to phone Jermaine to see if he’s located “it.”

Jordan discovers Stella outside of her office, appearing extremely lost. Stella remembers removing the divorce papers from Jordan’s office as her memory begins to return. She also thinks that the papers were never mailed since she experienced a stroke at Kelly’s. Commish invites Stella to come into her office and have a seat. Stella finds it difficult to open up to Jordan, she says that she needs to talk to her about Curtis and Portia’s engagement. Stella finally gets to the point.  She reminds Jordan of how she had memory lapses after her stroke, but something recently triggered those memories. Curtis and Portia’s engagement. Stella apologized profusely for what she was about to tell Jordan. She wishes she had a second chance. Stella acknowledges interfering in Jordan and Curtis’ affairs. She admits to stealing the divorce papers from Jordan’s offices and losing them during the time of her stroke. She says they were never filed and that she and Curtis are still married. Because she thought Jordan and Curtis still loved one other, Stella claimed she did it to give them time to sort things out. Jordan wants to know if Stella informed Curtis of the situation. Stella acknowledges she hadn’t since she wanted to tell her first. Stella tells Jordan that she is still family to her. 

Curtis unexpectedly makes an appearance, and he is surprised  to see Aunt Stella there. Curtis informs Jordan that he has checked with numerous sources but has been unable to locate any evidence of their divorce. How is that even a question?

Ned and Brook Lynn are having a heart-to-heart in the Quartermaine kitchen. She informs him that she and Chase are currently dating and that she is Chase manager. Daddy is pleased for his daughter but warns her that personal and professional situations may not always turn out well based on his past interactions with her mother Lois. Brook Lynn reassures him that everything will be alright. Ned adores her passion but merely cautions her that the same traits they adore as individuals may drive them insane as business partners.

Chase stops by to see Brook Lynn, where he finds Ned alone in the kitchen. After their conversation turns to Chase and Brook Lynn as a couple now, Ned warns Chase that if he breaks Brook Lynn’s heart, he will hurt him. Chase swears he would never do that.  Brook Lynn enters and shoos her father away so that she and Chase can have some privacy. Chase asks Brook Lynn if they should continue to pursue Linc. He doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship. Brook Lynn is persistent. In true Brook Lynn style she thinks they can have it all.

Dante is working the case. He visits Liz at the hospital and requests to see any records from the night Ava was attacked and rushed to the emergency room. If nothing else was reported that evening, it would indicate that Ava was the target. Their talk is interrupted as Nikolas approaches. Liz gives him a blank expression. When Nik enters, he inquires about the progress of the PCPD in identifying the assailant of his wife. He is reminded by Dante that the investigation is still ongoing.
Dante leaves. Liz tells Nikolas they need to talk right away.

Liz tells Nikolas to follow her, they need talk privately. Liz questions whether Nik’s alibi was for her or for him.  She thinks Nik as been acting strange lately. Nikolas claims he is unable to think clearly because he is worried about his wife, but he also suggests that Liz might be overreacting. Liz does not want him to think she is crazy, she tells him she has been losing time, she feels like her life is out of control. They embrace and Nik tells her everything is going to be okay. . Who else, but Finn would enter the room? Nikolas leaves them alone. Liz tells Finn  she lost it with Nikolas. She tells him  that she confronted him about his alibi, and knows something is not right with him.

In her hospital room, Sonny goes hard at it with Ava. He demands to know exactly who he is protecting her from. Ave informs Sonny that she is unsure of her attacker. He is curious as to whether Ava believes Nikolas would attempt to murder her. Ava does not think so, Sonny is not so sure. He thinks she and Nik are hiding something and the subject turns to Esme. Sonny advises Ava to tell him the truth about Esme. Esme left for Europe, according to Ava. Sonny is not persuaded. Sonny warns Ava that things will not be good for him if he learns that Nikolas is the person who attacked her.

Dante and Cody are walking in the park and chatting about the present. Cody explains that he believes Mac, Dante’s boss, is trying get him. That is not who Mac is, according to Dante. He is actually one of the good ones. Cody explains that Mac is going around town asking a lot of questions about him, and they always blame it on the new guy in town. Dante reminds Cody that Mac was good friends with his mother Dominique and that could be what all the questions are about. He assures Cody no one is looking at him as the attacher and tells him he must get back to work. Dante leaves which gives Cody the chance to ring a ding Ms Wu to let her know that he is all in!