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General Hospital Recap for September 22, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Thursday September 22, 2022

General Hospital Recap for September 22, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Thursday September 22, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Thursday, September 22, 2022

 Sonny and Nina meet up at Charlies. He explains to her that he and Kristina just had a disagreement. Sonny is interrupted by Drew, who expresses his regret for Brando. He brings up Carly and informs Sonny that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with her in a couple of days. He appears quite distressed. Nina believes that Drew and Carly must be more than simply friends. Sonny, who also appears worried, walks off. Drew is calling a contact at the Aruba convention that Carly was on her way to. He finds out that Carly had to disembark the plane in Jacksonville and that she had misplaced her phone. Drew returns to Sonny and Nina, where Sonny is pleading with Nina to allow him to place bodyguards on her. She wants no part of it. Drew says he is still trying to reach Carly with no luck, so he leave Charlie’s.

When Carly eventually receives a new phone in Jacksonville, she sets it up and discovers dozens of missed calls. However, before she has a chance to look at them, Peyton Honeycutt approaches and inquires as to why she is still in town. Carly says she is a guest at the hotel, and offers to buy Peyton a drink. Carly tells Honeycutt that her mother’s sole request was to be buried in her hometown. Carly implores her to rethink moving the cemetery. Peyton answers with a resounding “no.” Carly assures her that she has made every effort to be nice . She assures Honeycutt that she does not feel intimidated by her. Carly makes it clear that she won’t be leaving. I’m really good at raising hell, you think you regret knowing me in the past, just you wait. She tells Carly that she knows of her money problems and does not feel she can afford to buy her a drink. She puts Carly’s drink on her tab, as she turns to leave. 

Sonny is still wandering around Charlie’s when his phone rings, it’s Carly. She explains to him that she accidently left her phone on the plane, which is the reason no one has heard from her. Since she has been out of touch for a while, she asks Sonny if everything is okay. Sonny informs her of Brando’s passing. Everyone is very devastated. Carly expresses her condolences to Sonny for his loss. When she finds out that Jordan believes Sonny is the real target, she is even more astonished. Carly says she is returning home. She cannot be out of town while  a wacko swinging a hook is running around Port Charles targeting their family. He tells her she should stay put until he gives her the all clear. He tells her that he has round the clock security on him and the family. 

Over at the Deception Office, Anna and Valentin are looking for Lucy .  Maxie advises them that they just missed her and Victor. She can tell by their faces, that was not a good thing. Maxie checks with Lucy’s assistant, she asks if Lucy had any appointments.  Maxie tells Anna and Valentin that she thinks it is weird that Lucy would go anywhere with Victor. Maxie informs them that she noticed Lucy tweeting an odd tweet with the words “Follow your stars” and a jack-o-lantern at the end. Since Halloween is not until next month, she thought that was strange. After giving Maxie their thanks, Anna and Valentin leave.

Nina stops by Deception to see Maxie.  She needs Maxie’s opinion on how to help Sasha. Maxie says we as professionals pushed Sasha away. We were not there for her in the darkest moments. Maxie claimed that she was planning a wedding reception for Brando and now she is planning his funeral.

For lunch, Victor brings Lucy to The Haunted Star, which he has rented. Lucy believes Victor abducted her just now. She questions him about their reason for being on the ship, its motion, and the length of their lunch. She is all his for the day, he says. Lucy is fortunate to be working with Valentin, Victor informs her. I guess you’re proud of him, she speculates. He says that family can disappoint. Lucy is feeling uneasy, she asks Victor when they would be heading back. He informs her that the evening  has just begun. He has a surprise for Lucy, he pulls out a box.  It’s a beautiful diamond bracelet.  She asks Victor, what have I done to deserve this? Victor asks Lucy to  please accept this gift as an alliance we will form..  He tells her, something big and earth shattering is about to happen. We are headed into rough waters.  I need a first mate.  Lucy wants to hear his plans. Victor laments the lack of trustworthiness in the world. The guard is subsequently dispatched by Victor so that he can have Lucy to himself.

In order to reach The Haunted Star, Anna and Valentin board the zodiac boat. On the ship, Anna and Valentin are being cautious. Valentin is stopped from sneezing by Anna. The hired muscle, Yohan, detects a noise. He reaches for his weapon. Valentin’s father Victor, according to Anna, is comparable to a bloodhound.

Liz dashes to Kevin’s office.  He is just about to leave for an appointment.  She tells him that she needs his help right away, she is desperate. Kevin skips his appointment in order to assist Liz. He re-hypnotizes her. She is interested in the woman’s face who is at the bottom of the stairs. Her hair has fallen across her face, obscuring her view of it. Liz seems alarmed as she reaches to pull her hair back. Kevin immediately brings her back, he is concerned. Liz tells him she knows exactly what to do.

Jordan, Portia, and Finn are standing in the hospital corridor. Jordan thanks Portia for running Brando’s toxicological report. She requests that Portia and Finn keep the test findings private. As Finn examines the report, he informs the group that the murderer did not employ common toxins. According to Finn, a reptile is most likely the source. Jordan stated that whoever committed this horrible act was sad that Ava lived.
Portia gasps as Jordan speculates that they may be dealing with a serial killer. Jordan claims that the killer changed tactics when Ava managed to survive. Portia excuses herself and says she needs to check on Trina.

Jordan tells Finn The Invader was trying to warn the public.  Finn promises he will not compromise her investigation. The report spooks Finn and he tells Jordan that when he was married to first wife Reiko, they were in Africa working with Doctors without Borders. One of their colleagues died after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

Flash to Finn who is looking on his phone at pictures of Violet and his former wife Reiko. Elizabeth enters another room where she finds a scratch pad and starts to sketch a person’s face. Holy smoke, it’s the woman at the foot of the stairs; she resembles Finn’s ex-wife Reiko perfectly.

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