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General Hospital Recap Wednesday September 28, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday September 28, 2022

General Hospital Recap Wednesday September 28, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday September 28, 2022

General Hospital, Wednesday September 28, 2022

Portia bursts into Jordan’s office, her face contorted in rage. Why do you constantly make Curtis mistrust me, what exactly is your game plan, and what is wrong with you? I’m tired of all the jabs you keep giving me. Jordan directly questions Portia about Curtis being Trina’s father. Jordan is informed by Portia that Trina is none of her business as she disregards the question. I don’t need a lecture from you, Jordan, she yells. Portia continues to badger Jordan. Admit it, you  want Curtis back, don’t you? I asked you if Curtis was Trina’s father, and I did not hear you deny it, Jordan says again. Portia spouts, “I don’t owe you an answer.”  You’ve done quite a bit of investigation, Portia says to Jordan. Jordan is aware of her fear that Trina might have schizophrenia inherited from Curtis’ side of the family. Portia feels like Jordan is threatening her to tell Curtis. She says that she cannot marry Curtis until she finds out the truth. Jordan assures her that it is not a threat, that is Portia’s story to tell.

Curtis is at the hospital assisting  Ava with a little  exercise and to sit out in the lobby area.  He tells her Diane was also attacked by the hook and in General Hospital. Trina stops by to visit Ava. Trina gets reprimanded by Curtis, who is already acting like her father, for wandering around alone. She is reminded by him that there is a crazy person carrying a large hook out there. She explains to him that her father came with her, so she wasn’t alone. Ava is escorted by Trina back to her hospital room for some girl time. Taggert asks Curtis what he just walked upon. Curtis admits he might have been a touch too harsh with Trina and somewhat overstepped his bounds. Taggert assures Curtis that everything is OK and that he is aware Curtis is only trying to protect his little girl. 

Trina seeks Ava’s opinion regarding Curtis. She claims to Ava that Curtis treats her like a 12-year-old and that it bothers her. She doesn’t need Curtis to meddle in her life because she already has a mother and father. Ava explains to her that having Curtis as a stepfather would not be all bad. Take a chance on him. Trina switches the subject and informs Ava that Spencer had been telling Cameron the truth all along. Despite knowing, Cameron kept it a secret. She was really upset that Cameron did not share; nevertheless, he did apologize to her. Trina says her goodbyes and departs with Tagget.

Curtis (because he has nothing else to do), enters Ava’s room and tell her that he needs her help keeping Katrina safe. Anything for Trina, of course; to me, she’s like a daughter. Fire her, advises Curtis. I can’t do that, Ava says. The person who attacked you is still at large. What if Trina is present when he returns to finish the job? Ava will do what she needs to do in order to keep Trina safe.

After spending time with Georgie in her room, Spinelli enters the living area where Maxie and Austin are cuddled up together on the couch as they begin to make out. Talk about an awkward situation. He leaves to check on Diane. He encounters Cody in the corridor of the building. He is coming to speak with Maxie. Spinelli tells him that he cannot pass. You ought to treat me better, says Cody. I know something about you that might get you into a lot of trouble. There is a knock at the door, Maxie opens it and is surprised to find Cody standing there. He squeals, “Hi sis!” She looks at him strange not knowing what he meant, and invites him into her home. Maxie is curious as to why he addressed her as “sis.” She inquires if you and Mac have spoken. Why do you think Mac is my father, he asked? She explains that Dominique and Mac had a love affair. Maxie said that Mac was unaware of her ever having a child. 

Austin becomes uncomfortable as she speaks about Leopold and his passing. (Austin who are you really and what the heck do you know). Maxie tells Cody he really should sit down and have a man to man with Max. He would be very lucky if in fact it turns out Max is his real father. Maxie introduces Cody to Austin. Cody seemed to have a reaction when he heard the name Gatlin.

Sam is talking to Michael at the hospital. Michael wants to know why Diane was in the garage alone.  Sam  tells him that she was not alone. Dex was left there to make sure she safely got home by Sonny. Problem is when the police arrived he had blood on his hands.  Michael makes a call to the PCPD about Dex, where he finds out that he was there but has been released. Spinelli arrives at the hospital to check on Diane where he runs into Sam and Michael. 

Michael needs to check on Dex, so he takes off and Spinelli sits down to chat with Sam. They discuss Georgie. Sam lauds him as a good father. Spinelli admits to her that although Maxie is now dating Austin, he still has feelings for her. He considers Maxie to be his enduring love. Spinelli then informs Sam that he is a matchmaker and owns Society Setups. He may be sent to federal prison if anyone finds out.

Joss shows up at the PCPD, she must speak to Dante.  She tells him she thinks she has some evidence. She says when she ran out to the back alley looking for Dex, whom she never found, she heard chains, a rattling sound, like metal clanging together. Joss has seen Dex wear military dog chains that make that noise. Dante concurs. Dante tells Joss that when he questioned Brando, the only thing he could remember about the attack was the rattle of something. Joss quickly comes to Dex’s defense and tell Dante she does not think it was him. Dante doesn’t know if he agrees with that.

Dex is dangling from a rope in the backroom of Sonny’s restaurant. He is told by Sonny that he does not take him seriously. Huge mistake! Ray, one of Sonny’s muscles, is punching Dex. Dex tells Sonny he has it all wrong, he is not a killer.  Sonny asks him why did he come to work for me?  So you could use it against me?  Why were you so eager to visit the Quartermaine Estate? You were checking out the place. Dex tells him because he thought Sonny would be there.  Sonny said I’m going to bring in a ringer.  He explains he has a man recommended by the Wu family.  Sonny gets a call and has to leave, and lets Dex get acquainted with the new henchman. He takes out several knives from a case. Dex claims he is not responsible. Henchman claims that he speaks a lot without actually saying anything. 

Michael is waiting on Sonny in the restaurant lobby. He tells Sonny that he has connected all the dots and he was  the common denominator in all of this. Do you know who the killer is, and what are you gonna do about it? He is aware that the PCPDd picked up Dex for questioning and that Sonny picked him up from the station. Do you plan to take care of him yourself? Sonny orders Michael to go home, this does not concern him. He asks Sonny what makes him so sure it is Dex who is the hook attacker? Sonny is starting to get suspictions an he asks Michael what does he care if Dex is the killer. What is Dex to him? Michael demands to know what Sonny did with Dex.

 It is showtime folks! Let the father,son showdown begin.