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General Hospital Recap for September 6, 2022

General Hospital daily recap for Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

General Hospital Recap for September 6, 2022

General Hospital daily recap for Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Tuesday. September 6, 2022

Willow wakes up from a disturbing dream. In her dream, Nelle is clutching Wiley’s hand and Michael and Carly have both passed away. They’re quarrelling about Wiley. According to Nelle, Willow killed Michael and Carly after stealing Nelle’s son. When Willow finally awakens, she cries out Michael’s name. She rushes downstairs and shares her dream with Michael. Michael and Carly are having a mother-son talk. Willow gets ready and heads outside because she needs fresh air. Given that it was Nelle’s second anniversary of passing away, they believe she is going to her grave. Carly is glad Nelle is no longer among the living. Michael wants to accompany Willow because he believes she is keeping something from him, but Wiley asks him to stay.

Nina visits the grave of Nelle. She sees Nelle’s ghost when she looks up. Nina claims that she injured many individuals, including Wiley. Nina claimed that if she had been Nelle’s mother, her life would have been better. Nelle asserts that she and Nina are identical. You pushed me away, Nelle says. Nina bends over sobbing. As she glances up, Nelle is gone, and Willow is standing there.

Willow notices her grieving at Nelle’s grave. Nina and Willow argue over Nelle. Nelle’s death has made us safe; Carly tells them when she arrives. Carly then asks Willow to go home.

Meantime, over at The Savoy, Marshall advises Sonny to leave since he doesn’t want any disturbance at his son’s club. Marshall is informed by Sonny that he has nothing to do with it. Sonny is dragged away by Nina. Marshall is informed by Curtis that he wants to resolve his own problems.

Spencer does not want Trina to open his envelope and wants it returned. They are no longer buddies, he claims. Trina claims that she didn’t intend to hurt him and that their friendship wasn’t healthy for her. According to Spencer, the letter contained an apology. Trina hands him the note back. Spencer later lights the letter on fire.

Sonny meets Ms. Wu. She wants to talk business and have a drink with him. Sonny is mentioning Chase and how Chase would fit in well at the Savoy. Curtis, in her opinion, will also concur. Sonny inquires as to how it was going after she makes numerous allusions to her and Curtis being partners. She claimed to understand Curtis and her position perfectly.

TJ and Jordan are discussing Aunt Stella’s relatives when in walks Aunt Stella. When Aunt Stella sees Portia’s engagement ring, she congratulates the couple. Portia and Curtis approach Aunt Stella and ask if she will marry them. They inform her that she can apply by mail to become an officiant. She agrees to marry them. Stella is also experiencing flashbacks of the envelope she was supposed to mail, which held the divorce papers that Jordan and Curtis had signed.

Cameron has a surprise for Joss. He tells her that Spencer wrote Trina a letter, which we know by now that Trina found on the floor and has returned it to Spencer per his request. He also surprises her when he and his band perform at the event.

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