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General Hospital Recap for September 9, 2022

General Hospital recaps for Friday September 9, 2022. All the drama of daytime tv.

General Hospital Recap for September 9, 2022

General Hospital recaps for Friday September 9, 2022. All the drama of daytime tv.

Felicia, Mac and Maxie are gathered at Maxie’s apartment. The subject is again about Cody Bell. Felicia tells Mac he should do some research on Cody. He says he doesn’t care, what difference would It make? Maxie tells Mac, he should find out if he has a child with his own DNA. Mac talks about what it could cost them as a family, if he was related. Felicia is confused, she does not understand what Mac is so afraid of. Mac’s reply is change. He loves the life they have built, he feels they finally have some peace after all they have been through. Mac reminds her that Cody is a stranger. Felicia tells him that she could see Mac in Cody, they should get to know him first, as a friend. Felicia informs Mac that she will support him in whatever  decision  makes. Maxie excuses herself, she has an appointment to get too!

Cody is summoned by Britt to her hospital office. Cody is immediately questioned by Britt as to why Mac is showing such a strong interest in him. She receives his assurance that her guess is just as good as his. Who kissed whom is another topic of contention between them. Cody responds, “Okay, fine, just my luck every time a stranger comes to town they are accused of murder.” Has this ever happened to you before, Britt queries? Everyone, according to Cody, has something to hide, and although he has been many things during his life, a cold-blooded murderer is not one of them, he assures her. Britt encourages him to stay and fight, as long as he does not  smack Mac in the face like he did Scott, that is. As Maxie enters the room and hears the last of the dialogue, Cody says, “I make no promises, sounds like the guy deserves it.” Maxie then asks Cody, “What did you just say?”

Maxie questions Cody as to why he wants to hit Mac. Cody explains that Mac thinks he attacked Ava Jerome, he is asking too many questions. Maxie tells him that Mac is talking to all guest at the Quartermaine picnic. He is just doing his job and to just answer his questions. No offense kiddo, but your step-dad thinks I harmed someone, and I am not sticking around for the outcome. Meanwhile out in the corridor Cody is making a mysterious call. No one picks up so Cody leaves a message stating that they have met recently and he clearly did not leave a good impression. Any chance he could have a redo? Now who do we think that call was too? Mac? Ms Wu? My money is on #2.

As Sonny and Victor meet at the Port Charles Grill, let the power battle begin. Sonny has sent Victor a message. First bat up, Sonny wants to know exactly what Victor is going to do to protect Spencer  who is off to Pentonville.  Victor has it all covered, he is very capable of protecting his family. Sonny snaps, “Like you did Ava? ” Sonny asks if things are okay between Ava and Nikolas. Victor tells him that Nikolas is completely devoted to and in love with his wife, and that he would never harm Ava. So that’s why she was staying at the Metro Court Hotel, Sonny wonders out loud. Sonny explains to Victor that if he finds out he or Nik had anything to do with Ava’s attack, they will both have to answer to him. Victor says they do not have to be adversaries surely, after all we share a family as well as vision.  He assures him that he would not like it if he ceases being a gentleman. Victor, does anyone in your family ever speak to you? He replies, “Does anyone in yours?” Sonny has had enough, as he gets up to leave he tells Victor, “stay away from Avery’s mother and don’t let me have to call you again,” old pal!

Sam and Dante are currently unpacking some items that Dante brought to his new residence. When Dante’s phone rings, it’s one of his previous neighbors, who mentions having seen the moving vans at his house and wanting to make an offer to buy it. Dante is taken back by the phone call and says it was nothing he ever thought about, he feels that is a decision he should make with Lulu. Sam shares that it is not a decision he has to make right now and he should sleep on it and give it some thought. Their conversation turns to Cody. Sam is wondering what Sonny was talking to Cody about.  Dante says he is not judging Cody, just keeping an eye on him. Sam thinks Cody is harmless, she likes the vibe between Cody and Dante.

Nikolas goes to the hospital to see Ava. He is quickly stopped by Sonny’s man Frank who he puts there to guard Ava 24/7. Frank informs him that per Ava he is on her “do not disturb” list. Trina goes to the hospital for a visit with Ava. She cannot wait to see her, Frank tells her to go right in Ava was expecting her. Nik then asks Trina if she will give Ava a message from him. He wants her to tell Ava that he is off to see Spencer, who is leaving shortly for Pentonville. He is hoping she will change her mind and see him when he returns. Ava and Trina embrace, they are so happy to see each other. Trina wants to know why Ava has banned Nikolas from her room, Ava does not want to talk about him. She wants to know how Trina is enjoying her vindication. Trina tells Ava that she has been reinstated at PCU as a student. She had thought Ava would be one of the first people to celebrate her return to school. Ava announces, ‘damn straight I would’. Trina says that her parents threw her a party, and that an unexpected guest showed up. Ava knew instantly that it was Spencer. She says she just doesn’t get him. Trina tells Ava about the letter Spence dropped which was addressed to her. She said he would not let her read it and demanded she give it back.

Ava tells Trina that she should know the truth about Spencer. According to Ava in one of his rare moments, Spencer told her that he always believed in Trina from the very beginning. He only stayed with Esme to prove her innocence. Trina realizes that was what Spencer had been trying to tell her all along. That is what the letter must have been about. She tells her that Nikolas is seeing Spencer off at the PCPD and wonders if she should go.  Ave tells her only she can decide. Trina thanks her and leave’s quickly hoping she is in time.

Spencer is awaiting his transport to Pentonville in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Rory needs to process Spencer out, Jordan advises, she warns him to do it  professionally. Rory, who is always professional, informs Spencer that his friend will try to secure him a job at the prison library. He request Spencer put all his belongs in the prison provided envelope.

Spencer thanks him, but says he does not need his help. Upon his exit, Rory states that he saw Trina and Nik talking and it looked to him like there was still much to say between them. Spencer assured him that he had noting to worry about, that he and Trina were finished. Rory is unconcerned since he knows Trina and he are fine. Simply put, he doesn’t want Nicolas to haunt  them from prison.

Nicolas arrives at the PCPD, all he wants is to see his son, but gets stopped by Jordan first who wants to ask him more questions about Ava. She is told that he will not speak to her until he has seen his son. She tells him that he must provide the Sergeant his information and set up a meeting, she suggests that he be represented by an attorney. She then informs him that Spencer is in the interview room and tells him he can  enter. Spencer does not want to see Nicolas. When he enters the  interrogation room Spencer demands he leave. He threatens if he does not leave he will tell Jordan what Nicolas & Ave were fighting about. Enter Victor, who overhears Spencer’s threats and yells at him that he will not carry out his threats. He reminds them both that while these are difficult times, they must pull themselves together since there is nothing he cannot fix. Rory returns and tells Spencer the transport bus has arrived. He needs to now say his goodbyes, as Spencer looks around,  you can see his heart is breaking because Trina is not there.

Trina rushes to the PCPD, but she is too late. Rory tells her that he is already gone.

Spencer has arrived at Pentonville feeling alone and lost, he looks out the bars of his cell thinking about Trina, we are sure!