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General Hospital Recap for Thursday September 29, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Thursday September 29, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Thursday September 29, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Thursday September 29, 2022

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Portia is still in Jordan’s office.  She tells her now we are getting down to the Nitty gritty.  She asks Jordan, are you going to tell him?  Jordan replies it’s up to you to tell him the truth. Portia tells Jordan that Curtis asked me a long time ago if he was Trina’s father. I informed him that he was not. Portia continues to explain her position to Jordan, saying that Trina and Taggert adore one another and that she won’t upset their happiness and turn their world upside down. You barely play a part in this. Jordan keeps encouraging Portia by assuring her that Curtis loves her and her daughter. Do not repeat my mistakes. You have to be honest with Curtis, I can promise you it will not turn out well if you do not.

At the hospital, Curtis runs into Marshall & Epiphany. With his clarinet in hand, Marshall tells Curtis that Epiphany gave him the opportunity to assist with patients in music therapy. Marshall admits to Curtis that he had hoped for Portia and he would have chosen a date for the wedding by now. Curtis discusses the circumstances surrounding the divorce papers before stating that technically Jordan and I are still married. Marshall cannot believe what he is hearing.

Trina stops in to see Ava’s in her hospital room.  Ava tells her that she knows all of this is upsetting to her but she must close the gallery. It is not safe for me or you to be there with the hook still stalking their prey. Ava gifts Trina with an internship to the museum of fine arts. Trina is ecstatic. Curtis stops in and Ava admits to Trina that Curtis is the one who set it in motion. He is the one you should be thanking.  He wanted to keep you safe.  This does not sit well with Trina, who then asks Curtis to step out in the hallway.
While acknowledging Curtis’ efforts, Trina tells him she can’t accept the scholarship as she hands him the paperwork. She claims that you didn’t ask me first. You cannot make decisions for me; I am not a child. When Portia overhears their chat, she is not amused. She claims Curtis will not  apologize for attempting to protect her. Curtis employs Trina not to pass up this opportunity because she is mad at him. Trina tells him that she will keep that in mind and walks off. Curtis is confused and asks Portia did he overstep?

Over at Maxie’s apartment, Cody and  Maxie are still butting heads over Mac.   Maxie assures him that she would not wish Leopold as a father on anyone. Cody replies and I do not need a cop for a father either. Cody reminds Maxie that they had apparently led different lives for sure. Austin claims he is not taking sides on this matter, he gets a text from Mason and says he must get to the hospital. As he takes off, Mac and Felicia arrive.

Felicia promises Max that this is not an ambush. Max asks Felicia if she was aware that Cody would be there. She said she did not. Cody wants to bolt but Maxie and Felicia persuade him to stay.  Cody is convinced by Maxie that this is his time to hash things over with Mac. Felicia asks what do you stand to lose, Cody? Cody being the kind dude that  you never know what is coming out of his mouth does not sugar coat his question to Mac. He informs Mac that he is aware that Mac and his mother had a romantic relationship and asks whether Mac believes he could be Cody’s father. Mac says the thought had crossed his mind. Cody does not know what it would matter one way or the other. Both Maxie and Felicia think he is so wrong and push Cody and Mac to do a DNA test. Sooner than later.

According to Spinelli, he worries about everything. Sam is curious about everything. Spinelli begins by describing how losing both Ellie and Jason was really difficult for him and how he felt incredibly alone. He used dating websites, but none of the people he met were a good fit. In order to learn everything there was to know about a person, he describes how he decided to develop a better algorithm, which entailed hacking into their personal accounts. His program takes a subject’s personal data and transforms it into unique a completely objective profile then matches them with the mathematically perfect fit. Spinelli reveals to Sam that when you hack into a person’s profile that every aspect of someone’s life is in those files.  Sam realizes that he is royally  screwed. Sam suggests that he needs to shut down Society Setups now. Sam want to know if the money is that good?  Sam questions him about the Britt and Cody pairing.  He tells her that there is no flaw in his program.  He admitted that Cody coerced him to match him up with Britt, and he does not trust Cody’s reasons for that.

Austin is back at the hospital with his cousin Mason. He tells Mason that he does not get to summon him, that his debts had all been settled and that he quits. Mason laughs and tells him you can’t quit a family business, it doesn’t work like that. As a man walks in with a clearly visible injury and is in pain, Austin is called to the nurses’ station. It’s showtime, Mason informs him. The man, who identifies himself as Gordon, is attended to by Austin. Mason follows Austin as he places Gordon in a room, making sure that Austin takes good care of Gordon.

In the restuarant, Sonny and Michael are arguing. Sonny is informed by Michael that they both are aware of the consequences of disobeying orders.

Sonny says to Michael that he had not answered his questions about Dex.  Why do you care, what is Dex to you? Sooner of later you or Dex will start talking. Sonny yells that even if Michael doesn’t like his tactics, he will make sure his family is safe. He also doesn’t give a damn if Michael’s is offended by his actions. Sonny is curious as to why Michael believes Dex is innocent. Michael queries why we are going after Dex when there is someone else out there attacking people in your circle. Changing the guards allows Dex, who is still hanging by a rope in the cooler, an opportunity to attempt to escape while the henchmen are switching roles.

Dante is reviewing case-related notes on his desk at the PCPD. Jordan queries the situation. He informs her that he does not think Dex is the person they are looking for. He explains how much blood Ava lost. He then tells her that Joss told him when Dex rushed to help her save Ava, that he had on a crisp white shirt that did not have a drop of blood on it. He claimed that Joss, who has good instincts, insists he had nothing to do with the attack.

At the restaurant, Joslyn shows up. She explains to Sonny that she must see Dex. Joss claims to have yelled for help when she discovered Ava. Dex was the one who intervened and brought her to safety. She also claims that Dex’s white t-shirt would have been stained with blood if he had been the assailant. Meanwhile back in the meat hanging room Dex kicks the guy about to knife him. Sonny tells Joss that it’s nice of her to look out for Dex, I’ll let him know next time I see him. Sonny visits Dex and temporarily puts an end to the agony. Sonny enters the bar and stands there alone, contemplating something.