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General Hospital Recap for Tuesday September 27, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday September 27, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday September 27, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday September 27, 2022

On a double date, Trina, Joss, Cam, and Rory decide to check out the Axe Throwing Club. The girls get a little time to catch up while the boys head off to grab them all some axes. Joss informs Trina that she is happy that she chose Rory, who appears to keep a smile on her face. Trina ask, “you mean instead of Spencer?” Trina acknowledges that having Spencer gone has made her life less stressful and inquires about Joss and Cameron’s relationship. Joss acknowledges that she never told him about Dex assisting her in finding the bracelet in the back alley. After all, Cameron didn’t reveal Spencer’s secret to her. They decide to engage in a  friendly competition against each other  With the axe throwing, when Rory receives a phone call from Jordan.

She alerts him to Diane’s attack and requests that he come stand guard at her door. He informs the group of this information and adds that they do indeed have a suspect in custody. Before leaving, Joss draws Rory aside and asks who the suspect is. She senses uneasiness. Rory informs her that he is unable to say much because the investigation is ongoing. What he will share with  her is that it’s someone who has been at every crime scene and has been questioned before. She instantly knows it is Dex. 

Joss rushes out the door, leaving Trina and Cam alone to share a few words. Trina has been avoiding Cam ever since her trial was over, Cam is aware of this. He is aware of her displeasure about his keeping Spencer’s plans between the two of them. Trina admits she was angry at first, but that it is nothing she cannot get over.  Cam admits, “I hated that I had to lie to you, I was torn between two people that I loved, making it very difficult on him.” He then tells Trina that he lost more than one night’s sleep over it.

Sasha, Gladys, Nina and Sonny are all at the Corbin residence. Sonny makes Gladys some tea, hoping that it will help calm her down. Sasha is trying to relax, but quickly comes  out of the bedroom. She tells everyone that when she closes her eyes, all she can see is Brando laying there helpless. Sonny gets a phone call from Alexis. She tells him about the attack on Diana at Brando’s garage. He tleads Nina out to the hallway and informs her that the hook has struck again and this time it is his badass attorney Diane. He needs to get to the hospital.

Over on the couch,  Gladys and Sasha are looking at pictures of Brando. Sasha tells Gladys how much Brando loved her.  Suddenly it dawns on  Sasha that she is alone now and she has no family. Gladys corrects  her how wrong she is, that they are family and that Sasha is stuck with her. Nina informs them both that  Brando will never be gone. Gladys says we need to make arrangements  for the funeral.  Brando deserves a proper goodbye. Nina says they do not have to do it now. Sasha insists they do. She does not want to leave Brando just laying in the morgue. Gladys makes a call to the funeral home where she gets some bad news.  They have declined Sasha’s credit card. Sasha reminds them because Brando was her guardian, they need his approval (good luck with that). Nina offers to pay, Sasha gets emotional. She is overwhelmed at Nina’s offer and Gladys thanks Nina for everything she has done.

Curtis encounters Portia at the hospital.  She tells him that Diane Miller was brought in with a stab wound.  Jordan appears, she needs Portia help and needs her to keep important details under wraps. Thanks to The Invader article, it has made her job much more challenging. 

Sonny is now at the hospital, but none of the staff will give him information on Diane, because he is not a direct family member. Curtis walks up and overhears Sonny & the nurse. Curtis informs Sonny that  Diane is in surgery.  He thanks Sonny for keeping things quiet when he knew of Marshall’s diagnosis and the medication he was on. Sonny claims he was glad to do it, but he also did it out of respect for Curtis in addition to Marshall.

Curtis is talking to Portia again  about Jordan not signing the divorce papers and about her keeping secrets from him (broken record).  She was holding back on me, that was not cool with me. Portia tells Curtis she has some business to handle and goes to her office, where Jordan is waiting. Jordan learns that Diane contracted the same poison as Brando, but Finn was prepared with an anti-venom. Jordan still does not trust that the hook killer will not circle back and try to finish the job.  She informs Portia that she has already called Rory who is on his way to stand guard at Diane’s hospital room once she is out of surgery.

Dante is interrogating Dex in the PCPD interrogation room. Dex clarifies that he is unaware of what happened to Ms. Miller. Why was he in the garage in the first place? Dante would like to know. Dex tells him that he was working for his Dad, who left him there to close up the garage and to wait on Diane to finish what she was doing in Brando’s office. Dante does not believe a word coming out of his mouth he asked, what are you lying about?  You’ve been on the crime scene at all three attacks.  You really should call yourself a lawyer.

Dex phones Sonny instead to let him know that he might be in serious trouble and that he needs his assistance. Sonny informs him that he is en route. As soon as he gets there, Sonny asks Dante if he needs to get Dex a lawyer. Sonny is given a full explanation of everything by Dante, who also points out that Dex has allegedly been present at each crime scene providing assistance after the fact. How well do you know this person, he asks Sonny. Dex explains to Sonny that he is innocent.  He would like to know if Sonny believes him, before he can answer Jordan and Dante enter the room. Sonny asks if Dex is being held, they respond that he is not. Jordan cautions him not to leave town. Jordan then tells Dante that something is off and she tells him to keep digging and see what he can find out about Dex.  Dante would be delighted to comply. 

Joss to the rescue, when she  shows up at the PCPD, she confronts Dante about Dex possibly being a suspect. Sonny provides Dex with a ride home. Dex is saying thanks to Sonny for the help and the ride home when he says they will be making a stop first.

Carly is on the phone with Olivia when she hears a knock at her hotel door. Drew is standing there when she opens the door. What are you doing in Jacksonville? How did you find me? Drew explains that he had called Mia to find out where she was located. Carly invites him into her hotel room. She explains that  she knows about Brando and feels awful.  She claimed Sonny had advised her that staying in Jacksonville at this time would be safer. Carly is shown a message from Donna and Avery by Drew. Drew claims he needs to look for lodging. She insists that he stay with her, he can sleep on the couch. She claims Drew’s presence there means a lot. Carly receives a cemetery update on her phone. She tells Drew what’s happening, that she won’t allow them to disturb her deceased mothers  final resting place, and that she has retained legal counsel. She truly has no legal basis to argue against because she is no longer a resident of Jacksonville, which is the problem. Drew tells her she is a fighter, just like he is, as alarm bells begin to sound in his head. He reminds Carly that they can use the media company he owns, to their advantage. Jacksonville will never see the hurricane coming!

Let the games begin!