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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, September 21, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Wednesday, September 21, 2021.

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, September 21, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Wednesday, September 21, 2021.

GH Recaps for Thursday, September 21, 2022

At the Deception Offices, Brook Lynn is staring off into space and daydreaming about Chase while Lucy, Maxie, and she are having a meeting.
Chase is taking the stage at The Savoy as the opening act in her daydream, fully attired. She is smirking at her attractive partner. He has her gushing with pride. Earth to Brook Lynn, barks Lucy. She needs her undivided attention. Last night, Brook Lynn wasn’t available when Lucy tried to phone her, she claimed. Brook Lynn’s heart is no longer in it, according to Maxie and Lucy. According to both, she is more concerned in Chase’s career than her position at Deception. Brook Lynn is told to get her act together or face termination by Lucy, but Maxie argues it won’t happen. The phone rings; Brook Lynn is missing Chase’s audition at The Savoy. She tells the ladies that she has to go. She pledges to refocus herself. Victor enters the office of Deception. He queries Lucy as to Martin’s whereabouts. Then he tells Lucy that he needs a private moment with her. Lucy tells Victor that she and Maxie are in a business meeting.  Maxie says no we are not (she did not get the memo).  Victor is trying to have Lunch with Lucy. Lucy claims that she can’t because of Sasha and must decline. Victor says that the time is appropriate for our lunch so that we can talk about the Deception business. He also offers to extend his hand and possibly dispense a little Cassadine flow.

At the hospital, Finn is approached by Chase. He is curious about what happened to Brando. Chase is told by Finn that they are looking for the source. He instructs Chase to let the PCPD handle the investigation. He is forewarned by Finn that if he becomes involved, he might never get his badge back. Chase thinks he might never get his badge back, but a cop is a cop forever.

Sonny confronts Alexis about the Invader piece when they meet at Charlie’s. Sonny receives an apology from Alexis. She intended to inform Sonny of the piece before it was published, not to surprise him with it. Sonny and Alexis walk into Charlie’s. When Sonny and Alexis approach, Victor is speaking to Kristina while Valentin is seated at the bar. Sonny and Alexis approach them only Natasha is swiftly pulled away by Valentin, who tells her to let Sonny handle this.

Sonny is in  Victor’s face, he tells him sternly to stay away from his family.  He does not like him talking to Kristina, who says she was just having a conversation with her Great Uncle Victor, who chimes in that Kristina is his family as well.  Victor and Valentin leave Charlie’s, outside, Valentin tells Victor it would be A mistake to provoke Sonny. Valentin then asks Victor to give him a timeframe for going to see Charlotte.

Sonny and Alexis were informed by Kristina that Victor was merely keeping an eye on her and was extending his protection. They enquire further about the attacker. Kristina is asked to stay with Alexis or Sonny. That concept doesn’t sit well with Kristina. They also want her to take a break from Charlie’s , but she is against that idea as well. Alexis asks, ” Do you really want to risk your life for a minimum wage job?”  Kristina asked Do I embarrass you? Krisitna admits she loves working at Charlie’s and does not feel she is in any danger, after all she never even saw the person’s face.

Anna is on the pier talking to Robert on her phone.  Someone is standing behind her holding a hook. She is promising Robert that she is being careful, crossing all t’s and dotting the i’s, when suddenly she turns and is startled to see Jordan standing there holding the hook. Jordan is sorry to have startled Anna, as she tells her she just picked it up at the Marina Shop, she thinks it is similar to the one the hook is using.  She explains to  Anna that she  is contacting the medical examiner so they can give her some advice on the weapon of choice.

Jordan needs a friend. She tells Anna that her problems are multiplying with Curtis. She is still being questioned by Curtis about whether or not she was trying to save their marriage. That is not the case at all, despite the fact that she still has feelings for Curtis. She is aware that he values the truth and despises keeping secrets. She confesses to Anna that she is keeping a secret from Curtis that may jeopardize his happy marriage to Portia if she shared it with him. Anna asks if Jordan felt it was fair to withhold important information From him. Should that not be Curtis’ decision what to do with it? Jordan says that she has decided, Curtis and Portia’s relationship is no longer any of her business. When Valentin appears, Jordan warns him to exercise caution because we don’t know why or who the hooks’ next victim might be. She thanks Anna for listening and bids her goodbyes. Valentin confesses to Anna  that Victor keeps putting him off when he asks to visit with Charlotte.  Anna promises they will bring Charlotte home. Valentin says the moment She was born she was in danger. She claimed that hearing Victor’s name makes people shiver. Some of Roberts’ people were keeping an eye on Charlotte’s school. When they heard Victor Cassadine’s name, they withdrew because it frightened them. Anna informs Valentin that, in order to be brave, we must sometimes experience fear. He inquires about Lucy, and Anna responds that she should remove Lucy from the operation, she feels it has become too dangerous.

On the phone with Portia, Curtis assures her that they will get married as soon as everything is resolved. At this point, a team of wild horses could not stop them. Curtis finishes his conversation with Portia, looks up to see Ms. Wu is at the nightclub.  Curtis wants to know why she is there and what she wants from him. She says that she heard he was now engaged to Portia . She is also hoping to expand his role in the organization. Plus she has a gift for him. Brook Lynn and Chase show up at The Savoy. They are there for Chase’s audition, she informs Curtis. He knows nothing of an audition but is happy to listen to any new up and coming rising star. Chase’s talent is undeniable. Curtis tells him he has the job. Selina wants to have the Savoy For an event.  Curtis tells her for 50,000 cash she can. She accepts!

In an effort to locate Lucy, Valentin and Anna head over to Deception. Maxie tells them they just missed her, that she left with Victor. 

Portia and Finn are at the nurses station trying to brainstorm the situation. Portia admits to Finn that she has reviewed everything in relation to Brando’s death and finds that nothing makes sense. They are both hoping that the results of the blood tests can provide an answer. The subject turns to The Invader as both think out loud who could have leaked information to the press. Jordan arrives at General Hospital just in time to hear Finn and Portia discussing The Invader piece. She would like to know the same thing. Jordan implores if either knows who was the leak,  to please let her know, she is afraid that the hook now has an edge on them. A nurse approaches Portia with an envelope as they are all huddled together debating the what-ifs. These are Brando’s blood test outcomes.

They are all anxious to know the results. Portia opens the envelope, which reports that Brando died of lethal poisoning. The hook was laced with a deadly venom.

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