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General Hospital Recap for September 13, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Tuesday September 13, 2022

General Hospital Recap for September 13, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Tuesday September 13, 2022


Tuesday, September 13, 2022: Today on General Hospital

As he stands in Jordan’s office Curtis tells her and Aunt Stella that this cannot be happening, Curtis is not a happy man. He now demands to know why their divorce documents were never submitted, and whoever committed that error will suffer the consequences. Jordan interjects, “I know what must have happened,” just as Aunt Stella is going to tell Curtis what happened. Jordan asserts that she signed the documents and placed them in her outbox, but because she was so busy schedule,  and the fact that she had to spend some time in Albany, she admits that she never followed through. Curtis is interested in finding the papers. Jordan claims that she has not seen them since her return and that she will do everything in her power to help resolve this issue. Curtis leaves. 

Stella is puzzled as to why Jordan accepted responsibility for the problems she brought about. Jordan explains that she didn’t see any justification for causing a rift between her and Curtis. Stella claims that she still considers Jordan to be family. She expresses gratitude and her desire for Jordan to be a part of her life. Jordan learns from Stella about a DNA test she completed using an Ancestry database. Stella claims that since joining, she has discovered a lot about her family. Given that she is aware of very little of her heritage, she pushes Jordan to get a DNA test done herself. Jordan calls the Ancestry organization after Aunt Stella exits her office. She would like to know how a DNA suddenly vanishes from their database.

Before Carly departs for Aruba, she meets up with Josslyn at Charlie’s for a quick mother-daughter chat. Carly questions whether her plans should be canceled, she feels this may be poor timing. With Ava  still in the hospital and her hook attacher still rattling around Port Charles, Carly is not sure she should leave. Joss advises her not to be ridiculous, that everything will be fine, and that she should put her own needs first. Carly genuinely wants to attend the conference in Aruba because she needs to get her life in order.Dex enters the pub,Carly asks if Joss wants to go talk to him. She tells her that she is good.Josslyn & Carly embrace. Carly runs into Sonny as she is leaving. He believed she had already departed. She explains that she had just given Joss some last-minute instructions regarding her younger sisters.  Sonny assures her that everything will be OK and wishes her luck. 

Joss reconsiders going up to Dex at Charlie’s. She makes the decision to go for it as she grabs some food to go. He gets praise from her for assisting her in locating Avery’s bracelet. She admits to him that she was wrong in her judgment of him. She wished he weren’t employed by Sonny. Not because she despises him, but  because he wrecks lives. He expresses gratitude for her concern and tells her that even though he is unable to fulfill her request, he appreciates her trying. She acknowledges that she didn’t even tell Cameron about his good act of garbage diving with her. She says it’s complicated. He consents to keep quiet. 

Liz is asking Finn for his opinion. She fears Nik is Ava’s attacker. She admits that she wasn’t with him the whole time. She feels Ava needs to be aware. Finn informs her that the assailant is still at large and that she needs to tell everythings that she knows. If not, someone else is certain to suffer harm. With Finn as her backup, Liz visits Ava.  She speaks to her honestly, and completely. She cannot have served as Nikolas’ cover while Ava was being attacked. She cannot be Nikolas alibi for the entire time Ava was being attacked. Because that would not be the truth. She promises to tell the PCPD, but needs a little more time. Ava expresses gratitude to her and requests that they let Frank know she needs to speak to him on the way out. Ava informs Frank that she needs a favor and that she needs to see Nikolas. In response to her plea, he brings Nikolas. She ask Frank to step out, she has something she needs to say to her husband.

As Drew cools off in the Metro Court pool, Marshall walks in. Drew tells him that he owes him a major apology. He regrets sending him on a job interview for a position that doesn’t exist. Marshall assures him there are no hard feelings. They seal it with a handshake. Marshall leaves and Drew notices had missed a call from Carly. Drew listens to her message, then tries to return her call. He gets no answer.In the sky’s above, Carly is on her way to Aruba,  things are not looking really favorable at the moment.

Ava is having nightmares about being stabbed. Portia enters to find out what’s going on and if she needs assistance. Ava spots the huge rock on Portia’s. Portia tells her that Curtis did propose,  but they  did not think now was an appropriate time to tell Ava with everything she has been going through. Ava is concerned about whether Nikolas would hurt her in any manner. He is capable of very bad things. She is also wary about Liz giving him an alibi for when she attacked. They had known each other for a very long time. Before walking down the aisle, she warns Portia to keep in mind that people who love you the most could also be your greatest enemies. Portia tells her that Curtis is nothing like Nikolas Cassadine. 

Outside in the corridor, Nikolas has brought his own bouncer with him and  is threatening Frank with harm if he does not let him see his wife. Portia hears all the threats. She steps out of Ava’s hospital room and tells Nik to leave, or she will have security escort him out. She assures him that Ava does not wish to see him. When Curtis arrives, he advises Nikolas to start stepping if he doesn’t want to go to jail. Nik storms off, but informs them that the fight is far from finished. When Portia returns to check on Ava, she is told that she doubts she will sleep any that night.

Nik runs into Sonny in the corridor. He receives a strong warning from Sonny to keep away from Ava’s room. He is informed by Sonny that Ava believes he attacked her. Not even Victor can save him if he learns that is the case. Nikolas is not at all concerned about Sonny.
He tells him just that, by letting him know that he has no control over his wife or the hospital. Sonny leaves as Nikolas places one of his enigmatic calls to request assistance.

Portia questions Curtis about his silence. He reveals to Portia that Jordan never filed the divorce papers. She asserts that they must have been thrown out as old mail while she was in Albany. He informs her that as they both live and breathe, his attorney is creating new divorce papers. Curtis is still agitated, as Portia can see. He admits to her that something about Jordan’s story doesn’t feel quite right.

Sasha must decide on a major life choice. Legal counsel advises her that, if she consents to a guardianship and some deep therapy, she would avoid serving jail time. Brando would be her guardian, assuring her that this is not a punishment and that it will not last forever. that they are able to work out their differences and concerns and come to an agreement. Sasha agrees to sign the paperwork.

Sonny meets with Dex at Charlie’s and advises him to pay special attention to the docks. He has little faith in Ms. Wu. Sasha, Gladys, and Brando walk into the bar. Sonny approaches Brando to say hello and is delighted to see him. While Brando tells Sonny about the guardianship, Gladys and Sasha excuse themselves. Sonny believes Brando will do just fine by Sasha. They hug each other tightly in the traditional Corinthos fashion. Brando and Gladys become overly sentimental with one another, expressing their pride in the individuals they have become. Sonny & Sasha run into each other while wandering the narrow hallway at the ok corral, okay Charlie’s. Sonny tell Sasha that Brando is his family, which means she is his family. He looks out for family and tells her if there is anything she needs he is a ring-a-ding away. They join Brando & Gladys at the table.

Joss notices Dex’s sunglasses on the table. She dashes outside in an effort to grab him. Brando sees all and follows her outside. J osslyn does not seem to know where Dex went. Out of no where a stalker wearing a raincoat is following Joss. A weapon of their choosing is in the stalker’s grasp. a hook! Once the stalker realizes Brando is around, they strike again, this time bringing the hook down directly on Brando.