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General Hospital Recaps September 14, 2022

GH Recaps for Wednesday September 14, 2022

General Hospital Recaps September 14, 2022

GH Recaps for Wednesday September 14, 2022

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Carly lands in Jacksonville and gets off her airplane. She is curious about the length of the flight’s delay. She seemed to be unable to get a flight out. Carly strikes up a conversation with a woman  at the gate. She believes Carly is hiding from somebody. The lady appears to believe that Carly appears uneasy. She reveals to the kind woman that she was raised in Jacksonville. The woman wondered, “What prompted you to leave?” Carly admits that she struggled when she was here and does not have fond recollections of Jacksonville. Carly quickly realizes that she has forgotten her phone on the aircraft and won’t be allowed  to board and retrieve it. She takes a seat again and continues speaking with her new acquaintance. Carly starts thinking of Drew after the lady advises her to think of something positive. Carly said she’ll pay greater attention to her surroundings. The lady at the help desk announces then the PA system that the flight to  Aruba has been canceled.

Drew tries unsuccessfully to phone Carly. Sam and Scout run across Drew while he is at the PC Grill. Sam says that they are having a mother-daughter outing before Scout begins school tomorrow, and Drew is pleased to see them. In order for her to use her tablet, Scott moves to a separate table. Sam and Drew can have a adult chat this way.
As they talk about relationships, Drew warns Sam that adult relationships can be challenging. Drew is happy that Sam and Dante are doing well. Drew’s thoughts drift. As he starts to think of Carly. Sams informs him that she heard Drew leaving Carly a message, which she overheard. Sams informs Drew that she overheard him leaving a message for Carly. Sam asserted  that she can see a spark between them and that she has no problems with Carly and Drew dating. Sam reports that during Jason’s absence, she and Carly had become closer. Drew says his goodbyes to Sam and Scout, as he tells Scout he will see her tomorrow for her first day of school. Drew attempts to call Carly once more as he walks away from the grill. He’s beginning to worry.

Sonny, who is still seated in Charlie’s with Sasha & Gladys, assures Sasha that she can trust Brando. At that very moment, The Hook is stabbing Brando. Kristina is wondering about the ally behind Charlie’s when she sees Brando being hooked like bait. She starts to scream loudly and the attacker runs off. When Sonny hears her screams, he rushes outside. He observes Kristina assisting Brando, who is profusely bleeding. He is experiencing bouts of consciousness. Kristina calls for an ambulance as Sasha and Gladys run out and see Brando laying on the ground fighting for his life. Sasha is sobbing uncontrollably, she is begging Brando to stay with her as she tells him how much she loves him. The ambulance arrives quickly,

What exactly happened, Sonny asks Kristina? She claimed that she just saw the hook and not the person’s face.  She says they were in a raincoat, it was raining hard, it was hard to see, and it happened so quickly. The paramedics claim they are losing Brando but are able to get a pulse. Paramedics load up Brando, Sasha & Gladys and off to General Hospital they go. Sonny tears up and says Brando has to make it. As Kristina is being questioned by one of the cops already present, Jordan and Dante arrive at the crime site. Jordan tells Dante they must catch the hook man quickly, she is afraid he will strike again. They just may have a serial killer on their hands.

Jordan is on the phone about an identity match after returning to the PCPD. She inquires with the organization as to whether it is possible to recover data that has been removed from their records.They inform her that there isn’t because of privacy laws. Dante enters her office. Jordan enquires about the boat house’s inventory with him. One of the hooks, according to him, was gone.  She requests that Dante review all earlier reports. She thinks they are missing something. She tells Dante to go home,  get some rest. She will burn the midnight oil on this case tonight. She also  informs Dante she needs to talk to him about a case of mistaken identity. Jordan gets a call regarding Brando’s stabbing just as Dante is about to call it a night. As they hurry off, it appears like they will both be working through the night.

At the hospital, Curtis is still second-guessing Jordan for not submitting their divorce papers. He admits to Porta that, in his opinion, Jordan is hiding something and that there is more to the story. Portia confesses to him her belief that Jordan is still in love with him. Even if Jordan claims to have moved on, it’s possible that she genuinely didn’t want a divorce. When TJ approaches, he tells Portia that a patient is in need of her. She rushes away but promises to be back as soon as possible.Curtis uses this opportunity to question TJ about his mother.  He queries TJ as to why he feels his mother has not moved on.  In essence, why is she still single? TJ responds to his question by promptly letting him know that his mother does not discuss her personal life with him. Why do you ask, TJ wants to know.

Ava is interrogating Nikolas in her hospital room. She informs Nikolas that his claim to have been with Liz the entire time was not true and that she wants to know if he was the one who attempted to kill her. Out loud, Ava muses over whether he used his  alibi to protect himself or aid Liz. He explained that he lied to safeguard Elizabeth. She experienced a blackout that night and has been experiencing memory loss. He did not want her to be at the mercy of the cops. Ava reassures him that she doesn’t think Elizabeth attacked her, and Nik wholeheartedly agrees. Nik tells Ava he would never hurt the woman he loves.  Nik says to Ava to be honest, if I wanted to kill you,  I would use my bare hands.  He claimed that they were made for each other. He promises her he would never ever hurt her. Although she tells him that it hurts, Ava still wants him and says, “You couldn’t keep your hands off Esme. Nikolas believes that if they tackle this together, something positive will come of it all. She almost trusts him, Ava remarked. Almost! Don’t get to comfy Nik! Sonny enters Ava’s room and is not really pleased to Sonny is reassured by Nikolas that he would never harm his wife. “I know you did not,” Sonny exclaims.

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