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General Hospital Recap for September 15, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Thursday September 15, 2022.

General Hospital Recap for September 15, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Thursday September 15, 2022.

General Hospital Recap for Thursday, September 15, 2022

Rory, Trina, Cam, and Joss are just hanging out at the Metro Court Pool. They are discussing college courses. Trina pulls Rory away, she needs to talk to him about Spencer. Trina informs him of what she discovered about Spencer from Ava, who said that he had been attempting to assist her at all times. To coerce Esme into making a confession, he merely pretended  to trust her. Rory worries that this might alter how she feels about him. Trina informs Rory that her feelings for him remain the same. Trina emphasizes that she needs a powerful man by her side, someone she can depend on and who respects her.

As Joss learns more about Elizabeth from Cameron, she enquires about any manner she might assist him. After kissing her, he remarks that being with her is therapeutic and that is all he needs right now.  Trina joins them after Rory is called away. Cam thinks they all need something refreshing to drink, and hurries off to find them something cold. This gives Joss and Trina time to discuss Spencer and all the secrets he was hiding, even if he felt they were all for the right reasons. Trina admits that her objectives are to regain her life. Joss shares her secret with Trina. She tells her  she was not alone in her garbage excursion, that Dex helped her out. Cam returns with their drinks and notices that they are in a deep discussion. Rory returns, as Trina, Joss and Cam are still chatting casually and enjoying their ice-cold drinks.

This time Rory is not alone. One of PCPDs finest has come along, as Rory asks Josslyn to come chat with them for a second. He tells her that Brando, who is in critical condition at General Hospital, had been attacked by the person with the hook tonight. They wanted to know if saw anything as she was leaving. She tells them that she has spoken with Dex about something personal, then he left out through the back way of the pub. As she turned to leave she spotted that he had left his sunglasses on the table. She grabbed them and headed out to find Dex, which she did not. The foolish girl has no idea that she was the hooks’ intended victim. She tells them perhaps Dex saw something, they should question him.

Drew is at the Quartermaine Mansion waiting for Carly to return his phone call.  Willow strolls into the kitchen, appearing tired and agitated. Drew offers to make her some tea, which cold make her feel better. Willow snaps at him thinking he knows something he does not. She Then quickly realizes he is talking about her pregnancy. Drew catches Willow just as she is about to pass out, she blames it on the pregnancy.  Michael has arrived home and tells them about Brando.  Willow and Michael leave for the hospital.

At a restaurant in Jacksonville, Carly encounters Mrs. Honeycutt. Mrs. Honeycutt is curious as to why she is in Jacksonville. She introduces herself. Mrs. Honeycutt is curious about her reason for being in Jacksonville.   She adds that it’s good to see someone reading a book rather than their phone.
Reading her book was the next best thing, according to Carly, because she forgot her phone on the plane. She tells Carly to please call her Peyton. Carly invites Peyton to sit at her table, and the two of them start discussing Jacksonville. Peyton appears to be one of those chatterbox types who tends to everyone else’s affairs while neglecting her own. She tells Carly that she serves on a board in Jacksonville that works to clean up the city. At the bar, Peyton notices one of her male friends chatting with a younger woman. She is certain that is not his daughter and that she is a hooker. She explained that she had been working so hard to rid their city of such trash while appearing extremely displeased. She announces that she has just had Ruby Anderson’s Boarding House demolished. After all, everyone is aware of what occurred there. Carly informs her that Ruby was her great aunt. She inquires as to whether Carly has ever worked there. Carly replies that she didn’t meet Aunt Ruby until much later in life, so no she was never an employee there.

Peyton suddenly experiences one of those ah-ha moments. She recognizes Carly as her neighbor Caroline Bensen. A flood of unpleasant recollections returns. Peyton is furious that Carly is now going by her daughter nickname which was Carly. She remembers how friendly Caroline and her daughter once were. At the age of 16, Caroline had sex with Peyton’s husband, Reese Dad, in an attempt to live the luxury life her friend had. Peyton calls Carly “white trash,” tells her to board the next available flight, and orders her to leave Jacksonville immediately. She tell Carly that she killed her  daughter, who was killed in a vehicle accident after learning Caroline had slept with her father. You come from an unfit family. She tells Carly, “You don’t belong in Jacksonville, and you never did. Go back to the pit you crawled out of.” Carly accepts no responsibility for what occurred while she was a child/teenager in Jacksonville.

On the docks, Michael is brow beating Dex. He finds it hard to understand that, especially after saving Ava, he has not gained more of Sonny’s trust. Michael learns from Dex that he assisted Josslyn in finding Avery’s bracelet. Despite his understanding, Michael claims that it can’t  ever happen again.
Dex has no issue with that because he values Josslyn highly and detests lying to her. Dex is instructed by Michael to devote all of his energy to taking down Sonny. Dex says he is laser focused on bring Sonny down. Although he does like Sonny, he is not going soft on him. 

Sonny goes to see Ava at the hospital. Nikolas is there be her side. Sonny explains there has been another assault from the swing hook attacher. This time it was Brando who was in this hospital fighting for his life. Kristina saw Brando being hooked like the bait of the day. By yelling, she forced the attacker to flee in the rain, saving his life. Sonny believes it to be the same assailant and hook that attacked Ava. Ava expresses her gratitude to Sonny for updating them. Sonny departs and waits in the waiting area with Kristina for updates on Brando. Sonny departs, giving Frank orders to watch Ava’s door and to refuse entry unless Ava gives her consent. 

Alone, Ava and Nik are trying to get their old spark back. Ava appears relieved to have learned that Nikolas could not be her attacher. He finds it inconceivable that she ever thought he would harm her. She tells him that by having a sexual relationship with Esme, he violated their trust and bond. He queries whether she still has faith in him. She is still uncertain, still torn. Nikolas tells his wife that he loves her very much, always has, always will. Ava wipes tears from her cheeks as Nikolas departs from her hospital room.

After receiving a call from Sonny regarding Brando, Nina heads to the hospital to be by Sasha’s side. Waiting for updates regarding Brando are Sonny, Nina, Sasha, Gladys, and Kristina. Sonny assures Sasha that they are his family and that he is there for them. Anything they need, he has their backs, just ask. TJ exits the operating room to inform the family about Brando. He tells them that Brando is still undergoing surgery and that the hook fractured his ribs, causing lung damage. Thank goodness his heart was spared. TJ goes back into surgery. Sasha is feeling helpless.

Jordan shows up to question Krisitna once more. She hopes that now that she has had time to process everything, she will remember something crucial. According to Kristina, it had just started to pour rain as she arrived at work. She assumed it was a man even though it was difficult to see. They were wearing a dark hoodie, and when she saw them extend their arms, she noticed the hook. She then began to scream, scaring the person away. Jordan asked if she believed that the person had seen her in addition to hearing her screams. Krisitna is agitated by this line of questioning, so Sonny suggests she take a break. This gives Sonny a chance to ask Jordan if she thinks his daughter is in any danger. Jordan does not think so. She believes that this assault was simply an act of opportunity.

Rory shows up to the hospital. He and Jordan ask Gladys as to why Brando left Charli’s. Gladys informed them that he departed immediately after Dex and Joss, for reasons she is unsure of. They could possibly have knowledge of the attack, she might want to question Joss and Dex. 

Dex arrives at the hospital. Sonny calls him aside and asks that he keep an eye on Josslyn, she seems to trust him. TJ returns from OR with disappointing news this time. There have been complications, he informs the family. Although Brando is still on the operating table, they had to temporarily pause the procedure. The procedure will start again as soon as his blood pressure is under control and he is stable.

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