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General Hospital Recap for Friday September 16, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for September 16, 20220

General Hospital Recap for Friday September 16, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for September 16, 20220

The following is a recap for General Hospital- for Friday, September 16, 2022

Nothing compares to having a friend who you can hang out with. At the Metro Court Pool, Brad and Britt are relaxing. The location in Port Charles to be. To fetch them something nice and refreshing to drink, Brad goes to the bar. As he is busy ordering drinks, Ms. Wu enters and pauses to talk to Britt.Oh my, here it comes, Britt muses. She completely anticipates Ms. Wu advises her to avoid Brad. The exact reverse occurs. Ms. Wu appreciates Britt’s help in persuading Brad to collaborate with her. She no longer objects to Britt and Brad supporting one another. Brad comes back with their beverage order. Brad and Ms. Wu speak Chinese to one another. Ms Wu leaves them to their pool dipping. Brad chimes in that he thinks his aunt is finally feeling Britt. Britt claims that they are  helpful to her. According to Brad, working for her is OK. Brad and Britt discuss Cody. He believes she should move forward with her interest in Cody. No rules, just enjoyment and challenge.

Cody receives a visit from Dante at the stables. He needs to know what Cody did the night before. Cody responds that he played no part in the attack on Brando. Look around pal, no bloody hooks in here. Dante believes him. Leo and Brook Lynn come to the stable to feed Comet. Cody gives Leo a riding trophy that belongs to him . Brook Lynn departs to get a new pair of sneakers. Leo receives riding advice from Cody. Cody informs Brook Lynn when she returns that he and Dante go way back. Brook Lynn and Dante are chit-chatting a little. As Dante congratulates Brook Lynn and Chase on their commitment to one another, Brook Lynn congratulates Dante on moving in with Sam. Dante has other people to question, he bids Brook Lynn farewell and ask that she relay a message to Cody, to not sweat it. Leo and Cody had just returned from feeding the horse. When Brook Lynn gets a crucial call, she has to leave. Leo can hang out with him, Cody tells her to leave. Brook Lynn hopes Cody stays put. Leo requests that Cody train him. Cody teaches Leo how to get up on a saddle.  Let the training begin. Leo and Cody are bonding very nicely. 

At the hospital, Jordan runs into Curtis. She claims to be present at the hospital on Brando’s behalf. She must stop the hook  before they could attack again. She brings up Sonny and how there seems to be some tension between them. It’s no big deal, according to Curtis, and things are okay between them. Jordan makes it clear that she believes the person holding the hook has something against Sonny Corthinos. The tow people who have been attacked have close ties to Sonny, Ava and not Brando. Is she on the right track? She inquires into his emotional state. Right now.  If and when she signs the divorce papers, he claimed, he would feel better. Are we all right now, Jordan inquires? We were yesterday, but not today. Curtis claims he cannot believe the documents got lost on her watch. Curtis wants to know how she feels about him marrying Porta? You must be honest because she is aware of how crucial honesty is to Curtis. I want to know exactly how you feel? Curtis has somewhere to be and excuses himself.

Curtis is with Portia in her office. He tells her Jordan may have not
Filed the papers intentionally. Curtis thinks Jordan is holding back.
Portia asks what if Jordan wants you back? Jordan will always be in his heart, but Curtis says their connection is in the past and she is his future. Jordan, keep secrets from him, she was not  honest with him, and he can’t have a future with someone like that. (tick-tock Portia)!

All of Brandon’s friends and family have gathered at the hospital while they wait for updates on his status. Portia announces that Brando survived surgery, they are closely monitoring him for any signs of complications . Sonny thanks Portia. What are the possibilities of my cousin making it through? he wonders. She informs him of these kinds of wounds. could be complicated, and everyone needs  to pray. Sasha insists Gladys goes in to see Brando first, she does. As she sits by her boy’s bedside,  begging him to open his eyes, She wants him to tell her who did this to him, she is going after them herself. Gladys exits, Sasha enters.Sasha cannot believe she is here again, at another hospital bed of someone she loves, she cannot lose Brando too! 

Dex is at the hospital talking with Kristina. She expresses to Dex her shock at what transpired. Dex responds that it takes some time to regain focus following such trying circumstances. Kristina has experienced her fair share of dreadful situations. Dante joins them and hugs his sister. She acknowledges that Dex has been kind enough to stay with her, he has taken her focus off of these trying circumstances. Dante notes that Dex seems to be everywhere especially when something bad happens. Dante does not trust Dex. Kristina suggests she and Dex grab some coffee and continue their conversation. Dex asked Dante if they were good to go. For now, Dante replies.

Jordan tells Sonny she has questions for Sasha and Gladys.  He tells her to ask him the questions, not them. They do not need anything else to worry about right now. Sonny may be the hook’s target, Jordan says to him. She believes that is why they are pursuing his family.

Back in Brando’s hospital room, Sasha tells him he is the best thing that ever happened to her, asking him to please come back to her, she cannot live without him. Then a miracle happens as Brando squeezes her hand and slowly starts to open his eyes.  Sashas heart starts to sing, she smiles at her husband, all she can get out is hi!

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