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General Hospital Recap for September 19, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Monday September 21, 2022.

General Hospital Recap for September 19, 2022

General Hospital Recaps for Monday September 21, 2022.

Recaps for Monday, September 19, 2022.

Portia is plagued by “what ifs.” As she and Curtis meet in her office, her thoughts wander. She asks Curtis whether they would still be married if Jordan had been truthful with him? According to Curtis, sincerity between couples is essential to any successful relationship. He reveals that their breakup was the result of her secrets. Because Portia is the one he loves and cannot wait to marry, Curtis asks her to stop over thinking what may have been. Does Jordan know that, Portia asks? She leaves to go check on Brando.

At the Metro Court, Trina and Joss are chatting poolside (the most sought after chair in the city). They are discussing the recent attacks in Port Charles, as well as the ongoing danger because the hook is still lurking out there and always seems to be one step ahead of the PCPD. The girls become alarmed when they notice a man staring at them. About this time, Dex arrives, and Josslyn gives his sunglasses back. She describes how she scrambled to find him yesterday so she could return his belongings. Both of them may have served as bait for yesterday’s attack, so it’s a good thing she didn’t catch him. She informs him that the police were looking for questions about last night. He claimed they had already questioned him, but he was not much help since he didn’t see anything. When Joss notices the man she had previously seen was still observing them, she begins to feel uneasy. She asks Trina whether she also thought the man was stalking them and gets her confirmation.

Being her mother’s child, Joss challenges the man directly. Dex steps in and tells the person to leave. As it turns out, the man is employed by Dex and Sonny. Joss was suspicious of Norman, the man who was observing her, so Dex phones Sonny and informs him about it. He berates Norman for being so blatant but assures Sonny that he will keep an eye on Joss for the remainder of the day. Then Dex asks about Brando. When he informs Dex that Brando has awakened, Dex’s expression is completely expressionless.

At the hospital, Gregory and Alexis cross paths. Brando is the topic of conversation. How is Brando doing, he inquires of Alexis? Gregory tells Alexis that he thought The Invader’s coverage of the attack was excellent. Then Gregory makes a suggestion. Gregory invites Alexis to join him at a PCU class on the history of journalism ethics. Alexis consents to accompany him. When Finn arrives, he tells Alexis and Gregory that he overheard the commissioner just say that Brando and Ava were the victims of a hook attack. According to Gregory, that information has been kept from the public. The attacks must be the work of the same person, says Alexis. They all feel the hook will strike again soon. Finn leaves.

Finn seeks out Liz, who is awaiting Kevin. He escorts her inside and then departs, leaving Liz and Kevin alone. She begins to tell Kevin about her experiences with blackouts and her incredibly odd memories of her father. Although she is aware that she is alerting someone about her father, she is unsure of why or where these memories are causing her such distress. Kevin is worried about her original memory. He offers hypnosis to Liz tomorrow to try and unlock her memories, she wants to do it today. Elizabeth is instructed by Keving to reach out, unlock the door, and enter. As they go deep into her subconscious mind, she tells Kevin that she is arguing with a woman at the top of the stairway. In the next frame there is a person at the bottom of the stairs and she is standing over them. They seem to be hurt. 

When Brando opens his eyes, Sasha is keeping watch beside his bed. Sasha claims that you returned to me. She inquires as to his state of mind. They express their love to one another. Sasha goes out in the hall and tells Nina that Brando Is awake. How are you doing, Sasha? Nina queries. The guardianship is a topic she discusses. I don’t know how I’d make it without my husband. Sasha is assured by Nina of her support. Just as Finn is finished with Brando, Portia walks into the hospital room. Portia examines Brando and tells him that one good sign is that he is awake, but she is concerned that his blood pressure is elevated. 

Jordan and Sonny are speaking, but Jordan is unable to give Sonny any information. You might need my assistance, Sonny warns Jordan. I won’t be in the dark, I promise. Nina comes by to let Jordan know that Brando is awake.  Sasha is present when Jordan enters to speak to Brando. Do you know who attacked you like this? Brando claims that the only thing he can recall is a deluge when he entered the alley. The person back is turned to him while they are standing in the rain. The person turns around, but because of the hoodie hiding their face, it was impossible to identify whether they were a man or a woman. The hook was all he could see when he felt it in his chest. I apologize, but that is all the information I have. Brando adds one further detail: he did hear a rattling or jingling sound like Sasha makes when she wears her charm bracelets. Sonny comes by to see how Brando is doing. When Sonny inquires about what occurred, Brando explains the specifics of the assault. Brando declared that he was following Dex. One minute Joss and Dex were in the pub, then Dex leaves and Joss rushes after him. He wanted to make sure she was okay, he will always be there for his family. Sonny notices Nina as he is leaving and tells her he needs to increase security.

Jordan bumps into Curtis in that well-known hospital corridor and again expresses her regrets for the divorce proceedings. She hopes they can remain friends. Again, Curtis (get over yourself) asks if she intentionally neglected to mail the divorce papers. She is appalled that he would even think that or ask her such a question. Why would I avoid filing those papers?

His hospital room has been like a revolving door today; Sasha and Brando are now alone. Brando is assured by Sasha that she won’t let him down. She will attend all of her appointments and take all of her medications. He is proud of her as he hopes to heal fast so they can go on with their lives. She tells him for their first anniversary she wants to take a  long vacation with him. When she kisses him, he pulls away and apologizes while coughing. He is unable to stop coughing. He is coughing up blood, as Sasha looks on in terror. Brando suddenly enters a seizure, his blood pressure drops, and his body stiffens.

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