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General Hospital Recap for September 7, 2022

General Hospital Recap for September 7, 2022

Robert and Anna meet at Peter August’s vandalized grave. Anna informs Robert that she needs his list of all the contacts in his little black book that represent every interaction he has ever had. Robert tells her that he regards that small black book in the highest regard.

Anna tells him she is very aware of that. Anna informs Robert that although she is in excellent standing with the WSB, she needs his assistance and that it is essential that this conversation remain private. Robert promises that it will only be discussed between them and that stiff over there.

Robert understands how much Valentin means to her and promises to be there for her in times of need. She tells Robert that she would lay down her life for him, but she cannot bring him in on this one, he totally understands as he gives her one request and places a quarter in her hand. She reminds him that pay phones are obsolete, as he looks deep into her eyes and says, ‘your Anna Devane’ find one!

Robert is then informed by Anna that the bureau cannot be involved in Victor Cassadine’s demise as he is going down. Robert understands Anna; he is perfectly aware that the term “VC” he used to describe the situation does not stand for Victor. Robert asks Anna if Valentin means that much to her as the two of them discuss Victor. Even though Victor’s absence will make the world a better place, Robert informs Anna as he departs that she will ultimately still have to deal with Valentin.

Lucy is having her back massaged with lotion at the Metro Court pool, by a person she believes to be a hotel employee. As she is enjoying her massage, she soon discovers Victor has taken the place of the hired aid.

Lucy questions whether he is aware that he should never touch a woman without first getting her consent. Victor advises Lucy not to ruin such a lovely day with such dark thorns.

She is being seduced by him. Victor asks Lucy if she would like to join him for supper. That’s a great idea, she says, but regrettably she’s booked. Victor then suggests having lunch as Lucy informs him of his persistent nature.  Lucy doesn’t want to give him the wrong impression by having lunch together because people may see them as being together.  Victor assures her it is just a harmless lunch. Lucy reminds him that the folks in Port Charles love to gossip, especially about her. Lucy suggests to him that perhaps they ought to keep their friendship public and in the open. She is informed by Victor that he feels as though she is sending him conflicting signals. He inquires if someone has poisoned her against him

Such as Scotty Baldwin? She agrees to Victor’s suggestion that they turn it into a business luncheon after he reminds her that his son Valentin owns a sizable portion of Deception. Victor firmly grabs Lucy’s wrist as she begins to back away and orders her not to ever squander his time—whether it be with business or anything else.

At the cemetery, Lucy and Anna re-connect to talk about Victor. Lucy is urged by Anna to attend the meeting with him. If she does, Lucy warns her, she might end up as the main meal. Lucy is reminded by Anna that she still has faith in her ability to obtain all the information she requires from Victor. She is also, reminded by Anna of her vow to uphold Lucy and Martin’s integrity. “Those words better not be idle,” Lucy warns Anna. Anna informs her, “I don’t do idol.”

Alexis and Valentin take a seat in the restaurant. She believes Victor ordered Valentin to be there. Alexis questions why Valentin is carrying out Victor’s dirty activities. Valentin wants the issue with Ava’s stabbing to steer away from the Cassadines. Alexis is curious as to why he is concerned with the Cassadine legacy. When she inquires about Charlotte, he replies that he wants/hopes to see her soon. Victor enters the diner after Alexis has left and orders Valentin to leave. He tells him that he has an important meeting to attend, just then Sonny walks in and sits at his table.

Britt and Austin are being questioned about Cody by Mac at the hospital. Britt questioned Mac on several occasions as to why. Is this referring to Cody’s mother?

Austin departs to find his cousin Mason. Austin discovers him in a waiting area and informs him that he has always been stupid but has recently become even more so. He is referring to Ava’s attack. He is reassured by Mason that it was not him. Mason wants him to get back to the real issue. Mason tells Austin a patient Is coming in next week and he will take special interest in and just do as you’re told.  Austin, I do not take orders from you. They are not my orders, as you are aware. Austin claims that he also doesn’t follow her orders.  Mason and Austin are having a serious discussion when Britt walks in. Wait, I recognize you from somewhere, she says. You were with Austin the other night at The Haunted Star.  Mason mumbles a few words and walks away, at which time Britt asks Austin, what the hell was that?

Dante is moving in with Sam, Cody’s is helping. Sam welcomes Dante to his new home. Sonny brings lasagna over. He is pleased for Dante and Sam. Upon being introduced to Cody, Sonny informs him privately that they need to clarify something. As a close friend of Dante, Sonny is aware that he and Spinelli have been having issues. He doesn’t want to see Spinelli suffer any misfortune. Cody agrees. Sam celebrates by popping some champagne. Sam wants Dante to feel like this is his space as well while they toast. Dante immediately has a sense that they belong here. All that ends well, ends with a kiss!

Felicia arrives at Maxie’s to watch the children. They start to converse about Cody. Mac arrives at Maxie’s. He believes that there is a significant likelihood that he could be Cody’s dad. But he would need a DNA test, He is having a really hard time accepting it, Mac gives a description of Dominique and Leopold. They talk about it and believe they have the answer. Mac is quite curious about Cody.