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General Hospital Recap for September 2, 2022

General Hospital daily recap for Friday, September 2, 2022.

General Hospital Recap for September 2, 2022

General Hospital daily recap for Friday, September 2, 2022.

Friday, September 2, 2022
Brook Lynn and Chase are going on their first date. He declares her to be gorgeous, then Linc appears.Chase informs Linc that Brook Lynn will be the one with whom he signs, not him. Linc asserts that Chase either signs with him or the Savoy performance is canceled. Chase is still committed to Brook Lynn. They anticipate Linc will want to buy his contract with their strategy. Chase is curious about Brook Lynn’s new strategy for putting him in front of an audience. She’s got an Idea.

Sam and Dante cross paths at the Metro Court pool. Sam queries Dante about he and Rocco moving in with her tomorrow. They discuss how they are constantly together. Dante consents to the move.

Dex tries to impress Sonny, but all he wants is for him to watch over Ava’s room. Michael with his usual attitude visits the hospital in search of Willow. He asks Sonny if he was involved, regarding the stabbing, when he runs into him. Michael is being attacked by Dex. Michael needs to control his tongue because Sonny claims to have made big contributions to the hospital. Michael further argues that money cannot purchase respect. Michael departs in search of Willow.

Terry notices that Willow looks pale. She extends an invitation to her office and offers her water. Willow wants to resume her normal life, but Terry suggests she take a leave of absence.When Michael knocks on Terry’s door, Willow answers and informs him that she wants to reduce her hours due to the baby.

While asleep, Spencer has a dream in which Esme is in a deserted Savoy. Esme informs Spencer he lacked the manliness to satisfy her. He is curious as to how she chose his father. Additionally, Esme warns him that Trina won’t ever forgive him. In his bed, Spencer shakes as he awakens. Spencer gets up and makes the decision to write Trina a letter in which he expresses his confidence in her all along.

Cameron is told by Joss how she discovered Ava and how Dex was there to assist her. Cameron is questioning her regarding Dex. Avery calls Joss to say she can’t seem to find the charm bracelet that Ava gave her. Joss departs for the hospital to investigate. Cameron goes to visit Spencer since he is leaving in the morning for Pentonville. When Joss spots Dex, at the hospital she informs him that she is looking for Avery’s jewelry. She now wants to look in the  hospital’s dumpster and ask Dex for assistance.

Nina goes to the hospital to check on Ava. She informs Nina that Nik slept with Esme. She requests Nina’s assurance that she won’t reveal what she told her to anyone. Sonny enters the room to see how Ava is doing. As he leaves with Nina, he asks her what she and Ava were discussing when he walked in the room.

The security officer is instructed by Ava to ensure that Nik is not permitted to see her.

With letter to Trina in hand, Spencer is seen exiting the Metro Court.