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General Hospital Recap for Friday, September 30, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Friday September 30, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Friday, September 30, 2022

General Hospital Recap for Friday September 30, 2022

Recap for Friday, September 30, 2022

When Brook Lynn arrives at Chase’s apartment, he answers the door wearing only his boxers. Brook becomes disorganized and spills her coffee. Chase offers to make Brook more while rushing to clean up the mess like the gentleman that he is. She advises him not to consume caffeine himself because it could harm his vocal cords. For tonight’s performance, she needs him to be at his best. They go over their strategies for handling Linc, and we need to keep our focus. According to the plan, Chase will fire Brook Lynn, sign a contract with Linc, and then abandon him. He reminds her that his desire is to get his badge back, that is what he really wants to be doing. He misses being a cop. Their intense kissing is the beginning of a series of hot exchanges. He is stopped because she tells Chase that he needs to spend all of his energy for the performance. She tells him to go start getting ready.
Brook is looking through his food and throwing out everything she thinks is harmful for him while he is getting dressed. She wants him to have the best vocal chords possible. She offers to serve him a proper breakfast if he stop by the Deception Office.

Valentin and Anna are still in bed, things start heating up again, they make love. Afterwards,  Valentin gets a text message, It is from Charlotte, she misses her poppa. Anna tells Val, we will bring Charlotte home.  You will see her again, that is a promise. You have me now and we are changing the game together. Change of subject, Anna believes they must find a different route to Victor that does not include Lucy.

Alexis bumps into Gregory in the hospital lobby.  He said he was there to keep an Eye on Diane. Gregory informs Lexis that  Diane was still in surgery.
Alexis and Greg head out to grab a bite to eat. They stumble upon Finn and Nik in a heated argument. Nik blames Finn for all of Elizabeth’s problems. Finn informs Nic that giving an alibi was only working in his favor. Liz decided to air on the side of truth. Nic is not happy that they went to Ava and tells Finn to stop interfering in their private matters. Finn is about to lay Nic out, Alexis steps in and urges her nephew to go with her. Alexis scoles Nik that her dear friend is in surgery fighting for her life and that  you cannot brawl in the hospital.  

Nik says he read Alexis’s article In The Invader.  He asks her if she thinks it will bring the swing hook attacker out of hiding? She hopes so, if not she has put a lot of folks in danger. They are just having a little small talk when Victor interrupts them. Alexis knows it is time for her to exit. Gregory would like to know why Finn & Nik were arguing over Liz. Finn doesn’t like or trust Nikolas, but for some weird reason he believes that Nik is watching out for Liz . After receiving a page, Finn must check on a patient. Finn tells his Dad that he’ll see him at Chase’s concert; he would not miss it.

Victor goes to see Spencer in Pentonville.  He Is worried about Spencer not eating and makes the observation that he does not look well at all. Spencer tells him that the inmates are messing with him, they know I’m a rich kid and feel like I am being protected by the system.  As Victor offers Spencer requests that he not speak to the warden because that could make things a lot worse. He Asks about Ava because she is important to people he cares most about.  

Victor asks if he does not want to know about his father? Spencer says he is the last person I want to talk about.  I told him not to come visit me here. I want nothing to do with him. Spencer informs him that he has been his only visitor. The father who raised him would have made an attempt to see him even if he told him not to come. He does not know who this man is. Spencer must get back to his work details, he thanks Victor for coming. Victor tells him to watch his back.

Sonny is at the Metro Court hanging out with Nina.  She tells him that she  is getting used to the bodyguard. She tells Sonny that Ava is being released today and that she is on her way there to get her.  He does not think Ava and Nic are good for each other. Nina points out that most people think the same thing about them. Sonny does not care what people think. Well maybe Nic and Ava feel the same way. She asks Sonny if he knows who is behind the attacks. Nina points out that the  Police are waiting to talk with Diane after she pulls through surgery. They are interrupted by Miss Wu, who offers Sonny her sympathies regarding Brando. If she can be of any help, she asks that he let her know. As Harrison Chase makes his major debut tonight at The Savoy, she hopes to run into Sonny. Nina departs to pick up Ava. 

Sitting at the bar, Ms. Wu informs Sonny that there will be a crucial game tonight, with the concert serving as a cover. She extends a seat at the table to him. He claims he already receives a cut from the door, but she believes he deserves considerably more money. He rejects her invitation. Ms. Wu informs Sonny she believes the attacks are tied to him and that she has unlimited resources available to him if he needs them.

Chase sees Sonny at the Metro Court. He ask if Nina is there, he would ike to thank her for helping him get the gig. He tells Chase that she  is not but he does not believe Nina ever was able to talk with Curtis. Chase is confused and wonders how he got the job if Nina did not speak on his behalf. Sonny and Ms Wu look at each other.

.Valentin and Anna are at the Metro Court.  Nina is on her way out and happy to see them. Nina asks about Charlotte.  Val shares some text with Nina who ask him to let Charlotte know she would love to catch up with her and to please give her a call.  Valentin tells Anna there is our ticket to Charlotte, he feels Nina could  help them get to Victor.

Ava is being discharged from the hospital.  Liz is in her hospital room. Ava thanks her for telling the truth about Nik’s alibi.  Liz tells her that Nik is crazy in love and very devoted to her. Elizabeth leaves and is wandering around the corridors deep in thought when she runs into Gregory. She asks Greg for his help. She would like to know how well he had known Finn’s wife Reiko?

Nina arrives at the hospital, she informs Ava she was there to spring her. Nik overhears the ladies and informs them that Ava was going home with him. Ava says no, I am not ready to live under the same roof with you yet.  She asks Nina if the offer still stands, indeed it does. Ava announces that she will be going home with Nina. They walk out with a happy look on their faces.

Spencer is working in the prison library, the guard steps out leaving him alone with another prisoner, who quickly walks over to Nic and  and knocks a book out of hands. He demands Spencer pick it up, and when he refuses the inmate says this is long overdue and knocks him to the floor. Spencer is not moving.