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General Hospital Recap for Thursday, October 6, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Thursday, October 6, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Portia meets Trina at Kelly’s. Trina tells her mother, you are about to give me a lecture about forgiving Curtis. Trina says you and Taggert are my parents, not Curtis.

 Portia explains how Curtis has done a lot to protect her, going over and beyond.  I could not  have made it through your trial without him. Trina is grateful for the things he has done for her but it doesn’t give him the right to interfere in her life. Trina explains Curtis does not see her as an adult, and she is not okay with that. Curtis regrets his intrusion into your personal space so much, Porta informs her. She reveals to Trina that Curtis was prepared to put The Savoy up for sale if necessary in order to pay for her legal expenses. You must accept the fact that he will soon be a part of  our family and that he loves you, Trina.

Tonight is Harrison Chase debut night at The Savoy, everyone is there.

Terry, Yuri, Finn, and Liz are sitting at the Savoy watching Chase perform. Yuri inquired about Finn’s training as a physician. Finn explained that although his original area of expertise was hematology, he is now a specialist of infectious diseases. He switched specialties after losing someone who was very important to him. He is questioned by Liz about his decision to switch. Finn does not regret the switch because he finds that the field he is in now is more challenging. Liz questions whether he is actually better off with the life that picked him and what would have happened if he hadn’t suffered that tragic loss. Finn feels unsure of her question. In a flash, Terry recommends that she and Liz get some drinks at the bar.

General Hospital, Rebecca Herbst, Cassandra James

Terry and Liz step away for a private conversation at the bar.  She asks Liz why she is interrogating Finn.  Liz said his wife is dead and our family may be responsible. She shares with Terry her recollections and the drawing of Finn’s wife Reiko that she made. She fears that either she or her father was to blame for Reiko, Finn’s late wife, dying in the fall. She should simply ask Finn what happened to her, Terry advises. Liz fills her in on the fact  that he saved Hayden, who was dying of the same disease as his wife.  For both herself and Finn’s sake, she has to know what happened to Reiko.

While the ladies  are at the bar, Finn and Yuri discover that they each have a bearded pet, Finn with his bearded dragon and Yuri with a bearded collie. Because of this finding, they now have a solid bond. One they are alone, Liz apologizes to Finn for interrogating him earlier. She just has a curious streak she shares.  Finn tells Liz that he had a good friend, who was bitten by a snake and he couldn’t save him. Liz confesses she thought he was talking about Reiko. Finn tells Liz he knows she asked his dad about Reiko.  He admits that he shut down after she died and he does not speak often of her. There is no part of my life that I would not share with you, if you ask me.

Cody enters The Savoy’s back room for a covert meeting with Selina Wu. If she still needs him for the game, he inquires. You’re not trying to back out of our agreement, she asked? She is informed by Cody that he is not trying to cause any issues. He only wants to play legitimately. Do not disappoint me, Selina exhorts. When Cody walks inside the club, Maxie spots him right away and inquires as to what he’s up to. She asks if he’s given the DNA test any thought, but he hasn’t because he has other, more pressing concerns. Maxie asks him if he is ok.  Ms. Wu signals Cody back Into the game. He disappears.

General Hospital, Kirsten Storms, Josh Kelly
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Chase approaches Finn and requests that he not record his performance. Chase is unsure if this is for him. Chase, Brook Lynn and Dante are talking before Chase goes on stage.  Curtis wants to talk to  Chase about the details.  Chase asks Curtis if he misses working in law Enforcement. Chase tells Curtis how bad he wants to be a cop again, but he is doing this only for Brook Lynn. 

General Hospital, Micael Easton, Josh Swickard
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Dante and Brook Lynn are talking about Chase, Brook says he misses being a cop so much. Dante thinks Chase will see his badge very soon. They need all law enforcement on desk with all that is going on in Port Charles. Brooke starts to panic. (why is it always about her) 

Curis is pleased to see Porta and Trina as they enter The Savoy. Trina’s arrival makes Curtis happy as he approaches Portia and Trina. After talking to her mother, Trina tells him that she knows why he did what he did, but that she needs him to never do anything behind her back again. She also says that even though he will be her stepfather, she doesn’t need a second father. “Friends again?” she inquires. They hug.

Curtis introduces Harrison Chase

When Ryan sees Esme, he is surprised. She claims that I’m difficult to get rid of. I am my fathers daughter. Ryan claims that Ava recently visited him. Esme claimed that since she left me for dead, she deserves retribution. 
Esme is welcome to choose whoever she wants as a target, but only one, he says. Hands off, Ava is mine! Windemere hasn’t seen the last of Esme, she says. She confides in Ryan that she has a scheme to lead Ava straight into his arms.  Ryan informs her that her strategy is brilliant. Esme claimed that she had unfinished business with a few others in Port Charles.  She reiterates that for what she did to me, Ava will pay. Esme said for now your beloved is safe from me, but are you safe from her? There is still one obstacle that does need her attention right now. Esme heads out.

Robert Scorpio  is in Jordans office.  Oz Haggerty shows up with questions. He inquires if they have caught that she-devil Esme, who tried to kill him. They remind him that they are unable to discuss an active case with him. Robert responds that they will convey the immunity deal to his attorney when the Oz brings up the promise of immunity. Oz claims that since he graduated first in his law school class, they will deal with him. Oz said he was offered full Immunity for his testimony. He reminds them that  he is the victim here. Robert produces the apers  which OZ looks over with a fine tooth comb, knowing all along he was going to sign the  papers for his immunity.

Jordan informs Robert that Oz Haggerty irritates her. She is a good commissioner, Robert reminds her, and we are all only human. There are criminals all around us, it is our job to bring them down. 

Haggerty believes he is untouchable. He is calling someone while on the docks to announce that he will soon be back in business now that he has the PCPD off his back. . He notices a sound. those horrible metallic clicking noises. When he turns around, the hook is coming down on him.

Bye-bye OZ!

Note: Today’s character of Brook Lynn Quartermaine was portrayed by Briana Lane.