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General Hospital Recap Tuesday October 11, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap Tuesday October 11, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

As Sonny approaches Michael in Metro Court Gardens, everyone is leaving Brando’s services. He wants to make thing right with him, what can he do.. Michael snorts, you think you can suddenly make things right  between Us?  He tells Sonny it is way too late. Nina is listening to them, then she gets a phone call. Sonny says if you can look me in the eye and make me believe you don’t want anything to do with me, I’ll walk.  Sonny can relate to Michael’s sense of betrayal because he himself has gone through it with his own father. They have already buried too many loved ones, he warns Mihael, but it’s not too late.  No matter what Michael, I will always love you. 

General Hospital , Chad Duell, Maurice Benard,
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Dante was last seen knocking on Dex’s apartment door. He is invited in and the detective that he is,  Dante begins with the questions. He would like to know what went down with him and his father?  He informed him that a little birdie told him that Sonny did not have a lot of faith in him. Sonny is not very nice when you cross him, that is a known fact and you are very bruised.  How did you get the bruises?  Dex cannot remember but he knows it was not Sonny. So whatever little bird tweeted that to you is a liar.  Dante asks him if he wants justice, Dex replies last week you thought I was a murder. Dante leaves and heads over to the Metro Court Gardens.

You’re not the man I know, says Michael. Don’t turn your back on me, warned Sonny. Dante enters the room, confronting Michael. He informs him that he just came from a meeting with Dex who said that you lied about the torture. Let your dispute regarding Sonny go, Dante advised. A serial killer is on the loose, in other words Michael get over yourself. 

The need to increase security, Sonny tells Nina.

Nina’s phone call is from Valentin, he is at the Metro Court and asks that she meet him promptly.   She leaves Sonny & Michael to rush upstairs to see what has Valentine in such a  panic. He desperately needs her help. She cannot ask him any questions for Charlotte’s sake.  She said I’m in. He needs a listening  Device put in Victor’s room.  We need to change Victor’s Suite, suggested Valentin.

Victor is at Kelly’s where he runs into Ava.  He is having her watched.  He offers Ava a lift but declines and tells Victor she is there to meeti with Trina.  She wanted To see how Ava is holding up. Ava and Trina get caught up and she ask Trina what is really on her mind. She explains that Rory had asked her to go out of town to a comic convention. I like him, but I’m thinking about the last trip I went on and how that played out. Ava ask, “Do you really want what Esme did to you. dictate the rest of your life?” Trina says she feels safe with Rory, but it could all change. Trina gives it some thought and decides she is being silly. She will go with Rory she will at least be with a cop. Go with your first instinct Trina, just sayin!

Anna is waiting at Robert’s office for him to return.  Roberts’ contacts didn’t pan out. Anna wants Robert to issue  a warrant For Johann.  She said she just needs him detained, taking him  off the street is for the greater good. Robert wants to know the real story.  Anna would love to share with him but she just can’t tell him. Scorpio agrees to help her this time,  but lets her know that this will be the last favor she can call in.

Before Robert can get his phone out to call and order a warrant, the deputy mayor Ashby walks in his office. She is there on mayoral business.  She asks Robert what was your ex wife doing here?  She intends to stop Robert on what he is doing.  If anything is off, I will hold you accountable. Robert accusing her of wasting his time and using her power for no reason.  Robert tries to call Anna to abort the mission.

Johann and Victor head back to his room at Metro Court. Esme will publish again from San Tropez, as Johann arranged. Victor refers to Ava and Esme as pointless detours from his years-long plan and dismisses them as minor inconveniences. Lucy shows up at Victor’s door. She is sobbing, she said she couldn’t face Sasha today and can Johann deliver flowers for her. Victor sends Johann on his way.

General Hospital , Chad Duell, Maurice Benard, Dominic Zamprogna
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Back to Nina and Valentin, he continues to explain to her that he needs to plant a bug in this room, and he needs her to tell Victor there is an issue and to move him into this room. Nina is confused, why can’t he stay in the one he is in. You could plant the bug in there. Val explains that is not a good idea because Victor has Johann do a sweep of his room every other day. He hopes moving him to a new room buys him a couple of days to listen in.

Nina makes that call to Victor. She explains they are having some water issues  with some of the units and his happens to be one of them. She must move him to a new suite  due to having to shut the water off in his room. Valentin  suggest that, she tells him there is a bottle of complimentary wine waiting for him to make up for the trouble. Victor settles into his new room and opens the wine with Lucy. He finds it strange that someone like her would become emotional over a bouquet of flowers. He questions the situation because he believes she is not being completely truthful with him.

Anna and Valentin are listening to Lucy with Victor. She said Victor makes her feel  safe.  Lucy is thinking about her future.  Lucy wants to know what Victor’s plans are. She will consider it a bedtime story.  Victor gets interrupted by a phone call. It’s Ashby, she tells him they have a big problem. Meanwhile, Johann is seen knocking on someone’s hotel room door.

Michael has shown up at Dex’s door and tells him they have his father right where they want him. Look out boys, do not wake the sleeping tiger! It usually does not work out in your favor.

Dante gets a phone call, there’s been another hook stabbing. 

Out at that gothic castle they call Wyndemere Nik grabs the hooded person running away from his safe.  He pulls down the hoodie to reveal Esme.  He is in shock to see her. She tells Nikolas that he and his wife Ava left her for dead. Nik blurts out that he did not want her to die, he looked for her but could not find her. Esme told him that a fisherman found her and took her in.

Coming back here was not a good idea Nikolas advises her. You are on a most wanted list for attemped murder and the PCPD is looking for you. She barks at him that the PCPD can not prove a thing. He then tells her that someone did kill Oz this morning and wanted to know if it was her coming back to finish what she started. Nikolas tells her he does not think it is a big coincidence that three of the victims of the swing hook’s attacks were on her hit list of someone who wronged her. Esme finds that quite funny and tells him well I guess you would be next, if that is true.  She wants money from him but he says no and tells her it is time for him to call the PCPC and let them know that she’s back and connected to three of the victims. She tells him he won’t be calling the police, as she opens her jacket, revealing ababy bump, and says, “hello daddy.” 

 Now how many of you did not see that one coming?

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