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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday October 5, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday October 5, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Down in Jacksonville, Carly and Drew are speaking  to a reporter named Tara in the cemetery. She explains the people buried here are mostly middle class and their families don’t have the resources to fight this injustice. This is a classic case of the haves versus have-nots. The reporter thanks Carly, and says they will air this segment tonight, but she should be prepared for pushback from some of the influential folks in the community. As soon as they are alone, Carly tells Drew that Virginia was a good woman who deserved much more from life and certainly more from her as a daughter. She will undoubtedly remain and continue to fight; she won’t allow these scumbags to disturb her final resting place. After what Frank did to her mother, she frequently questions why Virginia kept the name Benson. She considers it time to change who she is after realizing she might pose the same question to herself. What name would she use? Drew queries. Carly is unsure, but it most certainly won’t be Benson or Corinthos. 

When Tara calls, Drew puts her on speaker. However, someone beat them to the punch with a report on a competing station. Tara claims the story will still air tonight. Carly visits the site after receiving a link from Tara. According to the report, the person opposed to moving the cemetery has ties to the late madam Ruby Anderson, has a criminal past, has spent time in an institution, and was involved in a car accident that left two teenagers dead and one in a critical condition when they were teenagers when she lived in Jacksonville.

Curtis and Nina cross paths at the hospital, they give each other a big hug. Curtis asks how it was going with the Metro Court. Nina shares it has been a challenge but not one she cannot handle. She tells Curtis about the opposition she has from some when it comes to operating the Metro Court, especially from Josslyn. Curtis tells her the same with him referring to Trina. All was well until he wanted to keep her safe and stepped in. Trina was having no part of it and informed him she already had a father.

While studying a printout of her laboratory work, Willow stumbles into TJ.
He tells her she looks upset, she first says no then confesses she is. She tells him that her figures are trending the wrong way. Not surprised, he inquires as to what she intends to do. Willow takes the question the wrong way and snaps back at TJ. TJ reminds Willow that he is there as a friend, someone who cares for her and not as her doctor. This seems to calm her down, as she does need a friend to talk to right now. Willow claims that once she enters the second trimester, chemotherapy can begin. TJ is still concerned that she is going too far, but he will back her in whatever decision she makes. Nina passes by as they are embracing and notices Willow in TJ’s arms.

Both Willow and TJ need to get back to work, so they hug again and TJ reminds her that he is always there for her. As Willow rounds the corner she runs right into Nina (who was secretly waiting on her). She asks, “Did you get good news?”  Willow who really does not want an altercation with Nina tells her she must get home now that her shift is over. Nina questions why she would even still be working, noting after all she is married into a very wealthy family. Not many women with those resources would  work while pregnant. She also observes and tells Willow she looks very pale, so she can’t help but wonder what is so important to her here at the hospital that she insists on staying. Willow snaps that GH needs nurses, and she wants to put her degree to use after working so hard to obtain it. She tells Nina that it is not her decision what she does. Nina reminds her that she and Michael disparaged Nina’s persona as a danger to Wiley, which Nina disagrees with. Then Nina drops the bomb on Willow when she tells her that althoug she won’t tell anyone, she witnessed the embrace she shared with TJ and worries that some people may gossip and not be as respectful.

Ava teases Ryan at Spring Ridge by saying she doesn’t think anyone will see Esme ever again. She heard she was in the French Riviera somewhere. Ava observes that he appears to be very angry as he clenches his hand. In order to ensure that there hasn’t been any change in his condition, she promises to chat to Kevin about scheduling another exam for him. Ryan mutters, “Ava my darling, what have you done to my daughter?” as she walks away.

When Sonny walks into Pozzulo’s, he sees  that Michael and Joss have found Dex. Joss insist that they should call Dante, but Michael feels it’s unfair that he must make his father the subject of an arrest. Sonny hired this maniac to torture Dex with knives, Joss shouts. Sonny informs them that when Diane awoke, she recognized the gender of her assailant. Dex claims he just wants to leave, but Joss still wants to call Dante. He is ridiculed by Joss for standing behind his boss. Dex rushes after her as she storms out. What happened to you? Michael asks his father while shaking his head in response. Sonny questions Carver about the knives after he leaves. Sonny summons Carver to his office.Sonny claims he never gave the order to use knives on Dex. He claims that because they now know Dex is innocent, he is fortunate since he objects to Carver acting without his knowledge or consent. Later, Sonny adds that he called Selina and informed her that he wouldn’t be using him again. Carver departs.

Trina is sitting at a table outside of Kelly’s, leaving a message for Ava to meet her at the cafe. She then calls Josslyn to ask what the 411 on Dex was, Joss did not answer so she also left her a message.. Unknown to Trina, the she-devil Esme is in the shadows spying on her.  Ava shows up at Kelly’s and sits down with Trina. Trina has Ava a drink ready. She tells her that she just came from Spring Ridge. She had to see Ryan for herself. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t her attacker all along. Ava gets a call from the PCPD. She excuses herself.  Joss arrives at Kellys just as Ava returns and tells them that Diane woke up and said her attacker is a woman. Joss says she just heard the same news from Sonny. She tells them it’s a good thing she woke up because Sonny was on Dex case.  Ava says she needs to run, plus she thinks Joss and Trina could use some girl talk time alone.

Joss lashes out at Trina, telling her that Sonny is worse than she ever imagined. Esme is listening to their conversation still in the shadows. Joss speaks to Trina about how Sonny was blaming Dex for the attacks and that she should have contacted Dante to arrest Sonny for holding Dex hostage. She was halted by Michael, and she also considered it odd that Dex did not want the police to be involved. Joss doesn’t understand why he decided not to file a complaint. Trina wonders why she cares about Dex. Simply said, Joss wants Dex to be safe—possibly out of Port Charles and away from Sonny. Trina believes she has been in Joss’ shoes. She cautions against becoming too involved  with secretive people like Dex or Spencer since it could come back to haunt you.

Dex receives a visit from Michael at his hotel, informing him that their business relationship is finished. He can’t have him die for this work, so he pays him $50,000 in severance money. Michael isn’t giving up, but he needs to have his father accused of organized crime rather than assault. Dex asserts that now that Sonny is aware that he was mistaken about him, he can utilize his guilt to secure Michael’s requirements. After what Sonny did to him, Dex is furious and seeks retribution. Michael finally gives in to Dex but  instructs him to keep the money as hazard pay but going forward he must stay away from Joss. Michael is aware that Joss will want to join the scheme if she discovers what they are up to. Dex will have to completely avoid meeting Joss because he dislikes lying to her. They have an unspoken connection. 

Ava shows up at Pozzulo’s to see Sonny, she would like to  advocate for Dex. Sonny reassures her that Dex is safe, what is the deal with everyone rooting for Dex he would like to know.Sonny adds that while he couldn’t let him roam free if he posed a threat to his friends and family, he wouldn’t necessarily condemn him in the absence of evidence. Ava believes he made the best decision. She does believe Dex is a keeper, someone who can be made reliable and valuable.

Ava returns to Spring Ridge and observes Ryan moving. She screams in rage, admitting she knew it was too good to be true. Ryan stands up from his chair, pushes her up against the wall, and declares that she is his captive and he is leaving the room with her help. She killed his daughter, and he is furious. Who is his daughter, he replies Esme.  According to Ava, it all makes sense to her now, because. Esme is just as sick as he is. Kevin plans to get revenge for her death but not until he makes  love with Ava one more time. Ryan breaks his fantasy as he kisses Ava. Esme then sneaks in to see Kevin. She says hello father. He beams. 

The she-devil is back!