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General Hospital Recap for Tuesday October 4, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday October 4, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

In Jacksonville Florida, Carly is standing under the sign where she went to high school, John F Kennedy. She tells Drew she needed to see the place where her life changed, in an instant.  She shares with Drew that she use to be a cheerleader, with her best friend Reese.  She explains how she & Reese had a disagreement one day as her friend was sitting in her convertible with two of their other friends. Reese pulled away after they argue leaving Carly standing there thinking to herself that she hoped they crashed and burned. In a flash that is exactly what happened as Reese accidently pulled out in front of a tractor trailer leaving two of her friends dead and the other in a coma. 

Drew tells Carly that she can not blame herself. Carly explains that they  were best friends until Reese  found out that she slept with  her father.  I was just a troubled minor and Reese’s dad took advantage of that.

Drew says what he did was reprehensible.  Carly liked the attention that  Reese’s dad gave her , but she knew all along that it was wrong.  Drew tells  her that the family was already dysfunctional.  It was easier for them to just blame you.  It wasn’t your fault. Just let go of the guilt. It’s over. They embrace each other.

Ava is visiting Ryan at Spring Ridge. She shares with Ryan that she thinks he could be faking his current paralysis. . She claps twice in his face; he does not flinch. She says that is convincing enough.  She tells him that she was attacked on the Quartermaine  grounds.  She remembers that he used a hook on one of his victims. She went on to tell him that the swing hook attacker also attacked Brando. He was not as lucky as her, he is no longer with us. She informs him that  Diane was the most recent victim. Ryan is raging inside as he thinks if anyone was going to gut Ava with a hook it would have been his pleasure. Ava tells Ryan if  it wasn’t  him then it must be some kind of copycat of him.  

Ava says to Ryan, “are you still waiting for your precious Esme”? Ryan turns and stares  at her.  Esme was fascinated with you.  Ava tells him that Esme was  blackmailing Nik. Ava also shares that Esme framed innocent women and almost got away with it. She is gloating that Esme had overstayed her welcome and they had to put her out of Windemere.  Esme is a very disturbed and dangerous person. Lucky for everyone she is now gone, for good but not soon enough. Ryan is clenching his fists.

Joss encounters a knife-wielding Carver at Sonny’s restaurant who introduces himself as the chef. He won’t allow her go in search of her jacket, despite her explanation that she left it and has to get it. She claims Sonny won’t be pleased that he treated her badly and in a nasty manner. She bolts outside.

Valentin and Michael are having a meeting at the Metro Court.  He asks

Michael to come back to ELQ full time. Valentin says that he has other

Ventures that will take up most of his time and he doesn’t want ELQ to

Suffer. He wants Michael’s expertise.  He reminds Valentine that would not make Ned very happy. Valentin tells him not to worry, that he can handle Ned. Joss walks in and needs to speak with Michael.  I think Sonny has Dex in his restaurant.  You need to help me get in there, before he kills him.

At the hospital Diane is awake.  TJ tells Sonny, Dante and Robert that they can now go into to see her. Robert goes first to question Diane and ask  her what she remembers. She remembers being in Brando’s garage looking for some important papers pertaining to Sasha.  The last thing she remembers was talking to Sonny.  She tells Robert she thinks it would help if she spoke to Sonny first. Robert summons Sonny to her hospital room. Dante occupies his father. She is trying to piece things together.  Diane remembers finding the guardianship papers. It was very dark In the office. She stepped into the garage where the lighting was better. She remembers Dex was not there at that moment. The garage was empty, she thought.  It was not, Diane said she saw movement and could hear bracelets clinking together. She turns around  to see who it was. She saw  a woman with a hook in her hand and wearing a hoodie who then attacked her.  All three men were shocked when Diane explained it was a woman.  They leave to let her rest after TJ appears and informs them that there are too many visitors.

When TJ later checks on Diane, she says she recognizes the woman from somewhere, but she is unable to identify her. TJ assures her that it will reach her in due course. Dante and Robert talk about this fresh piece of information in the interim. Robert worries that the attacks could be random rather than connected to Sonny.

Dex is heard singing to himself while hanging on a meat hook in the freezer. Carver enters the freezer with his knives. You won’t be those on me, Dex says. Michael and Joss walk into Sonny’s restaurant. Michael informs Carver  that if he doesn’t let Joss look around for Dex he will call his brother Dante who he reminds is a detective for the PCPD.  If that happens and they find Dex, you will be arrested.  At that point, Sonny will deny he ordered this torture an you will be the one hanging in the meat cooler.  So what’s it going to be? Carver lets them pass and Joss walks into the deep freeze and finds Dex hanging like a piece of raw meat.  She quickly cuts him down.  She tells him she is calling the cops. Dex tells her “no cops.” Joss comes out and tell Michael that Sonny had him hanging in the freezer being torchered by this goan with a bunch of knives. Sonny walks into the restaurant where Carver, Michael, Joss & Dex are standing.  Michael blurts out, look dad who we found in your freezer!

Nik and Victor are meeting at Kelly’s.  Victor proclaims  you need to divorce Ava Immediately. Nik gives him a firm no and says  he loves his wife. Victor laughs and tells him ole boy you act like you have a choice in this matter, which you do not. Victor tells him to wake up boy, you are way out of your league with Ava. Nik refuses. . Nikolas reminds his uncle he controls the family fortune.Valentin has arrived and proceeds to hand Nik the letter he wrote to Ava about killing Esme. Nikolas says he did it for his wife whom he loves and insists on protecting. Valentin reminds Nik that if he disappears Spencer inherits the Cassadine fortune and that no one can control that boy. In the background at Kelly’s , someone is lurking and recording the entire conversation on her phone (sound familiar)?  The shadow is wearing  a bulky black hoodie when they turn around,  it’s Esme!

The she-devil is back!