Home »  TAMRON HALL Highlights for  October 10-14, 2022

 TAMRON HALL Highlights for  October 10-14, 2022

‘Tamron Hall’ Tackles Today’s Meaningful and Important Topics — So Let’s Talk About It

 TAMRON HALL Highlights for  October 10-14, 2022

‘Tamron Hall’ Tackles Today’s Meaningful and Important Topics — So Let’s Talk About It

Highlights for Tamron Hall for the week of October  10-14, 2022 are listed below. Please be aware that the lineup could change.

“Tamron Hall” addresses today’s significant issues. Let’s discuss it.

Monday, October 10: “It Works for Us”
Former NFL quarterback and “The Pivot” podcast host CHANNING CROWDER describes how he left Kevin Hart stunned when he admitted that he and his wife AJA go to a nudist vacation every year. The couple also discusses their search for Aja’s biological father, Bruno Aguirre, who joins them and shares his tale. The Nomad Pet Sitters, Austin Andrews & Jori Kerr, then discuss why they gave up their regular careers to become pet sitters and chronicle their travels on TikTok.

Tuesday, October 11: “Tamron’s Tasting Menu!”
Your fall favorites are getting a new spin from some of the biggest up-and-coming artists. Join former NFL star turned celebrity chef EDDIE JACKSON as he prepares one of his seasonal specialties. Then, the first ever blind cook to win “MasterChef,” Christine Hà discusses one of her favorites, Sophia Roe, a James Beard Award-winning chef, also demonstrates how to make one of her specialty desserts for Tam Fam.

Wednesday, October 12: “Me & My Faith”
The renowned novelist and television personality KATHIE LEE GIFFORD will talk about her most recent book, “The God of the Way,” and the recently released companion movie, “The Way.” Then, comedic actor DAVID MANN and gospel superstar TAMELA MANN reveal a highly intimate secret that puts their faith to the test. We also learn about their most recent tour, which has turned into a family affair. Additionally, Tamela will perform “Finished,” her uplifting song. Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom From What Holds You Back author and pastor IRENE ROLLINS also contributes to the discussion. Then, “Money Rehab” podcast host and New York Times bestselling author NICOLE LAPIN offers her finest money-saving advice.

Thursday, October 13:
JOHN BOYEGA, an actor and producer, discusses how “The Woman King” and “Breaking” are revolutionizing the movie business. Additionally, Dominic Dupont, a nephew of the late actor Michael K. Williams, and author Jon Sternfeld reflect on his legacy and talk about the actor’s recently published memoir, “Scenes from My Life.”

Friday, October 14: “I Survived”
Gruesome testimonies from survivors who avoided death and managed to survive to tell the tale. Justin Sutherland, a former Top Chef and host of “Fast Foodies” on truTV, talks openly about his rehabilitation from devastating injuries he had in a boating accident in July. And a surprise for a woman who was rescued after becoming trapped in a car during a flash flood.

I enjoy looking through the archive of the Tamron Hall Show every week in search of a fun or interesting video. It can be from the prior week, month, or year. Whatever is enjoyable or compelling to see again is all that matters. Why do we need to follow the rules exactly, when we don’t have to and won’t? I sincerely hope you like this week’s choice.

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