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General Hospital Recap Monday November 14 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap Monday November 14 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

Cast who appeared in todays episode:

  • Marshall Ashford ( Robert Gossett)
  • Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)
  • Adam (Joshua Benard)
  • Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)
  • Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez)
  • Dex Heller (Evan Hofer)
  • Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper)
  • Esme Prince (Avery Pohl)
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst)
  • Carly Spencer (Laura Wright)
  • Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)
  • Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner)
  • Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr)
  • Nikolas Cassadine (temporarily played by Adam Huss) 

Sets Used on today’s episode: 

  • PCU Dorm
  • Pentonville Prison
  • Webber House
  • General Hospital

General Hospital

  • Portia and Curtis and Marshall are all at the hospital for reading of Curtis genetic results.
  • Jordan interrupts and asks to speak with Portia privately.
  • Curtis has the envelope with results in hand.
  • Marshall offers him time alone, but Curis tells him that he cannot disappear everytime there is a crisis.
  • He wants him to stay, he doesn’t want to do this alone.
  • This makes Marshall happy!
  • Portia and Jordan go into her office for privacy sake.
  • Portia immediately lights into Jordan.
  • She resents her interfering in her personal life. Enough already. 
  • Jordan is quick to tell her what her reason for coming was.
  • Esme Prince has been spotted back in Port Charles. 
  • She just wanted to warn Portia so that she could keep an eye on Trina.
  • From her initial reaction she can clearly see that Portia has not told Curtis of the possibility of being Trina’s father.
  • Marshall and Curtis knock on the door interrupting the ladies.
  • Jordan was just seeing her way out.
  • Portia fills Curtis in on the news Joran brought to her.
  • Curtis is impatient about his results and Marshall suggests Portia read them.
  • She agrees and happily tells Curtis he has no signs of schizophrenia genes.
  • Marshall is relieved he has not passed the disease on to Curtis.
  • They embrace
General Hospital
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Webber House

  • Elizabeth is sitting in a fog just going through family photos.
  • She ignores her fathers phone call.
  • There is a knock on the door, Elizabeth walks like a robot to answer it,
  • It’s Carly whom she tells it’s not a good time.
  • Carly being Carly sticks her foot in the door to keep Elizabeth from slamming it in her face.
  • Carly knows Esme is back and the encounter Eliabeth had with her.
  • She cannot believe that the she devil is back.
  • Elizabeth is acting stranger than normal in Carly’s eyes.
  • She looks around and sees Liz is sorting through family photos.
  • She spots one of Elizabeth’s parents and ask about photo.
  • Elizabeth shares she has not talked to them in 25 years.
  • That is until a few days ago as she throws some photos in the fireplace.
  • Laura knows they are not super friends but a little piece of advice for free.
  • Laura explains she does not have any photos of her and Bobby as a kid.
  • Elizabeth may want these photos at a later time and will be sorry she burned them. 
  • She does not think so, she sees Carly out, returns to her fireplace and strikes a match.
  • Carly is standing on Elizabeth’s porch looking at the photo of her parent that she helped herself too. Carly, what is on your mind?
Rebecca Herbst
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Hospital AA Meeting Room

  • Finn is at the AA meeting with Alexis and others.
  • Both hadn’t been to a meeting in a while. 
  • Alexis wants to know what’s going on with Finn.  
  • He’s not ready to share yet.
  • Finn does however share with her that his ex Reiko was having an affair. 
  • Alexis asks if he has talked with Elizabeth about it?
  • Finn explains that things between him and Liz are a little messy. 
  • Alexis advises him to talk to Elizabeth before it gets worse.
  • Jordan bumps into Finn and Alexis and asks why Eliabeth checked herself out last night.
  • Finn does not know what she is referring to. 
  • She asks him to have Elizabeth call her asap.
  • Alexis takes off after Jordan as she is leaving.
  • She would like to know when Jordan is going to fulfill her promise of an interview.
  • She tells Alexis she will have her office do a follow up with her soon.
  • Alexis calls Gregory and tells him to activate the insurance policy.

PCU Dorm

  • The RA is banging on Josslyn’s door telling her to open it or she is coming in.
  • Dex is trying to hide from the person at the door.
  • Josslyn arrives just in time to stop her.
  • What seems to be the problem?
  • She wanted to check the beds, she heard Josslyn’s room had bed bugs.
  • She tells her it was a false call and she had everything in control.
  • Adam pops up in the hallway. 
  • He sold her out to the RA about the bed bugs.
  • Josslyn promises there are no bed bugs.
  • She has a cat which is not allowed and does not want anyone checking her room.
  • He says her secret is safe with him. 
  • Josslyn enters her room to find Dex has fallen on the floor, also a high fever.
  • She needs to take him to urgent care, which he refuses.
  • Then she must get him some antibiotics,
  • Dex tells Josslyn that he owes her.
  • Josslyn opens the door to leave only to bump right in to her mother.
Joshua Benard
Photo via IMDb/Joshua Benard

Pentonville Prison

  • The meeting fans have been waiting for.a
  • Trina is at the prison to see Spencer.
  • Spencer cannot believe his eyes, 
  • She tells him that she knows what he did for her.
  • She wants to see if there is something to salvage.
  • She did not have all the facts, and she would like to have them.
  • Trina wants to know what was in the letter he wrote to her.
  • Spencer said that he knew she was innocent from the beginning.
  • He knows how much he lied to her, but with a conniving person like Esme he felt it best to deceive her.
  • He was trying to get the she-devil to confess.
  • She would have felt much safer with him by her side.
  • It hurts that he thought so little of her feelings when she cared so much for him.
  • He sounds like Curtis making decisions for her.
  • Trina is grateful to Spencer even if it was the wrong thing.
  • Spencer did not know Trina cared. 
  • She tells him he never returned his feelings.
  • Spencer tells her that he is not good at those things.
  • She says perhaps you expressed them in your letter.
General Hospital, Tanisha Harper
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC


  • Esme wakes up and her room is boarded up.
  • Nik tells her security is very important.
  • Nikolas tells her nobody is going to look for her here.
  • He brings Esme food which she throws across the room.
  • Nikolas finds Ava looking for him downstairs.
  • Ava tells him that she saw Victor last night and he told her that Esme is alive and in Port Charles.
  • The cops are looking for her, so they must find her first.
  • Nikolas points out that she has not made a move on them, so why be worried.
  • Ava disagrees and says they need to hurt Esme before she hurts them.
  • Nikolas wants to meet at the Metro Court and talk about it.
  • Ava wants no part of that idea, until she knows Esme is no treat she has nothing more to say to him.
  • While all this is going on downstairs, Nikolas main man  Demetrius finds the mess Esme has made.
  • She begs him to call the police, telling him Nikolas is not in his right mind locking her away like this.
  • He tells her to trust Nikolas.leaves the room locking up. 
  • There is a knock at the door, Nikolas opens it to find Elizabeth standing there.

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