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General Hospital Recap for Monday  November 28, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Monday  November 28, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

This is what happened on ‘General Hospital’ today!
Cast who appeared in todays episode:

  • Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)
  • Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy)
  • Holly Sutton  (Emma Samms)
  • Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper)
  • TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow)
  • Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard)
  • Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna)
  • Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner)
  • Heather Webber (Alley Mills)
  • Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma)
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst)
  • Esme Prince (Avery Pohl)
  • Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy)
  • Laura Collins (Genie Francis)
  • Holly Sutton  (Emma Samms)
  • Ava Jerome (Maura West)
  • Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom)
  • Mac Scorpio (John J York)

Sets Used on today’s episode: 

  • Spring Ridge
  • General Hospital
  • Wyndemere
  • Port Charles Park
  • Port Charles Highway Mile 35
General Hospital, Emma Smms, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner
Photo by Troy Harvey /ABC

Port Charles Park

  • Scott is hanging out with Laura at the plaza.  
  • She tells him that she is trying to find Lucy’s shooter.
  • Holly is seen sitting on a bench, lurking and  listening.
  • They invite her to join them, but she declines, she has serious business to take care of tonight.
  • Laura asks her what kind of business she has the night before Thanksgiving.
  • Some work won’t wait, Holly replies.
  • Holly tells Laura that her meeting is out of town and Robert wont approve.
  • She is there waiting on her ride. 
  • Laura is happy to drive her and that way they can catch up.
  • Scotty gets a call from the funny farm and Heather summons him to come see her.
  • Scott takes off leaving Holly & Laura alone.
  • Holly has Robert’s briefcase. 
  • She tells Laura that her job is classified, but agrees to accept a ride.

Spring Ridge

  • Dante is visiting Heather in Spring Ridge.
  • She is thrilled to see Detective handsome.
  • He does not have time for her foolishness, he is there on official police business.
    The detective  has questions about the prison transport crash.
  • Heather lets him know that she will tell him anything for a price.
  • That would be against PCPD policy and he tells her he can’t make her a deal.  
  • Dante leaves.
  • Heather tells the guard that she needs to make a call.
  • Her wheels are spinning, she makes that call to Scotty.
  • She remembers Scott has been her partner in crime before.
  • He is Scotty on the spot, he cannot imagine what she wants.
  • It does not take Heather long before she spills her intentions to Scott.
  • She tells him her prison transport crashed. 
  • She wants to sue PCPD and the city of  Port Charles with his help.
  • She is in great pain, the crash messed up her neck.
  • Plus she says, “my eye witness testimony is valuable. 
  • He lets her know on the spot that no judge will help her.
  • Scotty calls Heather a crackpot. 
  • I can identify who helped Anna escape, I alone saw everything.
  • You can help free me Scott.
  • Anna killed Lucy, and you know it.
  • You can get revenge and strike it rich.
  • Scott says a firm no.
  • Heather shares with Scotty that she never forget friends or her enemies.
  • Scott has his eyes on her, need she not forget that.
  • He knocks on the door and tells the guard to let him out of this crazy bin.
General Hospital, Dominic Zamprogna, Alley Mills
Photo by Troy Harvey /ABC

Metro Court Hotel

  • Mac and Kevin request a meeting with Ava.
  • Ava wonders what these two could possibly want from her.
  • Mac tells Ava that he needs help catching Esme. 
  • Mac explains that her trail has gone cold.  
  • Ava admits she has not seen Esme in months, but she would certainly serve up on a platter to the PCPD if she had a clue where to find her.
  • We  both think you know someone who knows how to find her.
  • Esme bonded with Ryan while she was working at Spring Ridge. 
  • Ryan will know how to find Esme
  • You are part of our plan, we would like to use you as bait.
  • Ava tells them she is in like flint.
  • Game on, my question is who will be laughing or standing when all is revealed

General Hospital

  • Jordan is at the hospital checking on Robert who is sleeping  off the drugs Holly put in his tequila.
  • Diane goes in to see him, explaining to him what she knows about his blackout.
  • Jordan tells TJ she thinks Robert was drugged.
  • TJ lets all who are concerned that he will not know anything untill he looks at the tox screen. 
  • Diane explains to Robert that he didn’t have the briefcase when he came off the elevator.
  • Robert wants to see Jordan immediately.
  • He tells her that he is terrified that something happened to Holly.
  • Jordan assures him that  she reviewed the security camera and Holly is fine.
  • Diane tells him it’s pretty obvious who took your briefcase.
  • Robert get a grip, Holly drugged you and took the necklace.
  • Diane being the sharp attorney that she is, knows Robert is not telling the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • She just hopes he doesn’t have to pay for Holly’s crimes.


  • Esme is in her room in the tower.
  • Lizzie comes in and is hoping to help her have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Although she does not like it, Esme will have to make do with Lizzie.
  • She wants Lizzie to convince Nikolas  to let me go.
  • Liz tells her no way, after what she did to Cam and Joss. 
  • Esme has had enough of Lizzie and lets her know that she is Nikolas  accomplice.
  • She fears for her life when it comes to Nikolas & Lizzie must help her.
  • Nurse Webber tells Esme that Nikolas is going to take her to Greece after the baby is born.
  • There she can live in luxury for all of eternity. 
  • Lizzie gives her prenatal vitamins and instructs her to take them.
  • She departs and leaves the she-devil Esme to her demented self.
  • Esme is talking to Ryan, who she sees as an illusion in her room while laying on her bed..  
  • He tells her that her refusing to take care of the baby is her only leverage.
  • Esme trashes most of the prenatal vitamins.
  • Uncle Victor shows up at Wyndemere, bags in hand.
  • He tells his nephew that he is ready to move in right now.
  • Victor claims he needs to be there to protect his family for what is coming.
  • He wants to live in the north tower but Nik tells him work is being done on it.
  • He will be living in the South Tower. 
  • Lizzie comes back downstairs and asks Nikolas  if he is trying to get caught. 
  • Nik asks Nurse Webber how Esme is doing. 
  • Victor thinks something is going on between Nikolas  and Lizzie.
  • Why not, he is now a single man. 
  • Nikolas tells Victor he must not mention Lizzie being at Wyndemere to Ava. 
  • Victor promises to keep his secret if he will hurry along with his divorce.
  • Nik tells Victor he will divorce Ava.
  • Victor gets a call and takes it in the hall. 
  • He is told that Holly has disappeared, along with the diamond necklace.
General Hospital, Genie Francis, Emma Samms
Photo by Troy Harvey /ABC

Port Charles Highway Mile 35

  • Jordan rings Laura up to tell her about Holly an all her shenanigans.
  • Holly can hear the conversation, she knows she is in deep shit about now.
  • Holly grabs &  clicks off the phone, then pulls a gun on Laura. 
  • Holly tells Laura she doesn’t  want to hurt her.
  • Laura asks Holly if she is working for Victor.
  • She promises that she will protect her if she just comes clean.
  • She tells Laura to just exit here at mile 35!
  • Holly is having none of that and demands Laura get out of the car.
  • She uses Laura’s phone and dials Kevin.
  • Holly takes Laura’s car leaving her stranded at mile 35!
  • Laura informs Kevin she is on the side of the road. 
  • Holly pulled a gun on her, then stole her car.
  • Have Jordan put out a bolo for Holly and to approach with caution because she is armed and dangerous.

Spring Ridge

  • Meanwhile the games have begun between Ava & Ryan.
  • Ryan spots Ava right away. 
  • Ava asks Ryan if she was still locked inside himself, as she leans in and they lock eyes.
  • Do you remember Esme?
  • Ryan has his caretaker there with him interrupting his answers.
  • Ava resumes and tells him that she was the person who attacked her.
  • Would you like to  get the chance to get back at her for trying to take what’s yours?  
  • Ryan is blinking his answers. 
  • The caregiver asks what’s in it for him.
  • Ava tells Ryan that if he helps the PCPD she will keep him company.
  • She wants to know if they have a deal.
  • Yes, indeed anything for his love Ava, daughter be damned,
  • Ryan  blinks out and they will find Esme together.
  • Ava, and the gang all leave, as Ryan and his caretaker are still in the so called lounge room, when Heather Webber walks in.
  • These two lock eys and she looks terrified.
  • The caretaker notices and asks Heather if they know one another.
  • She replies that everyone knows Ryan Chamberlain.
  • This Heather is where you should be really scared, or does Ryan need to be the one scared?

Tune into tomorrow’s episode to see how these storylines play out.

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