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General Hospital Recap Wednesday November 23, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap Wednesday November 23, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

This is what happened on ‘General Hospital’ today!
Happy Thanksgiving Week to All!

Cast who appeared in todays episode:

  • Holly Sutton  (Emma Samms)
  • Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)
  • Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy)
  • Linc Brown (Dan Buran)
  • Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton)
  • Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard)
  • Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna)
  • Drew Cane (Cameron Mathison)
  • Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)
  • Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)
  • Carly Spencer (Laura Wright)
  • Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)
  • Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight 

Sets Used on today’s episode: 

  • Kelly’s Diner
  • Metro Court Hotel
  • General Hospital
  • Port Charles Docks
  • Volonino’s Gym

Volonino’s Gym

  • Drew is getting his work out on at Sonny’s gym when he gets a call from Aurora Media.
  • He is told that the commune in Arizona had left for parts unknown.
  • He asked his employee to keep looking for someone, anyone who knew Willow.
  • Sonny arrives at the gym and overhears the end of Drew’s conversation.
  • Drew explains that Willow is looking for her biological parents, he offered his help and she accepted.
  • Sonny questions why Michael would go to Drew and not him. (well Sonny in case you haven’t noticed, your son is out of control right now).
  • Sonny mentions that Carly told him about the two of them being a couple.
  • He tells Drew that Carly is honest to a fault. 
  • Sonny assures Drew that he told Cary he did not feel threated by him.
  • Drew hopes Sonny means that.
  • He does, he only wants what is best for Carly and for her to be happy.

 Metro Court Hotel

  • Carly is at the Metro Court with her eyes on Nina.
  • She is there to continue the ‘I hate Nina’ campaign.
  • Nina offers her a menu.
  • Carly is there waiting in her room to be ready for check in.
  • Nina asks, “Are you staying at my hotel.
  • Carly informs her that she booked the honeymoon suite and that Brick is on his way.
  • Carly tells Nina that we need a chat or better yet a cat fight. 
  • Let me be clear, I don’t care about Sonny. 
  • You can spread whatever malicious lies you want about me and Brick.  I couldn’t care less.
  • You want to come at me, bring it on.  
  • When you come at my son and his family then we have a problem.
  • Nina tries to explain that she had it wrong and that she had apologized to Willow, who told her to drop dead. 
  • She was only thinking about Wiley and did not want him to have a broken home.
  • Carly now has venom coming out of her mouth.
  • She spews  at Nina, don’t pretend you’re looking out for Wiley because your looking
  • for payback because they don’t want someone like you around their son.
  • She asked Nina, “How’s that working for you?’
  • Are you spending time with Wiley? 
  • In retaliation Nina brags about all the wonderful changes she has made to the hotel.
  • From the decor, to the menu to the chef and how it is thriving under her partnership.
  • Trish the waitress comes by with a new dish on her platter which Carly takes it.
  • She is about to pour it on Nina, but hesitates. 
  • Sonny and Drew show up just in the nick of time.
  • There was just about to be that cat fight.
  • Sonny insists to Nina, lets go, but not before he thanks Drew for helping Willow.
  • Carly asks Drew if he is going to help Willow find her birth mom. 
  • She Is not opposed and has no objection. (Well, Carly but you already know who the biological mother is).
  • Carly wants to help. 
General Hospital, Amanda setton, Josh Swickard
Photo by Troy Harvey/ABC

Kelly’s Diner on the Waterfront

  • Dante is with Chase at Kelly’s where he mentions to him that he was in pursuit of the letter from Brookie.
  • Chase wants to know what letter Dante is talking about.
  • Dante explains that he asked her to write a letter to the review board.
  • The review board could ren-instate you if Brookie writes a letter. 
  • He also tells him time is of the essence.
  • Chase asks how long ago Dante requested the letter.
  • Dante admits it had been several weeks.
  • Chase can’t help but start thinking, did she ever mean to send in the letter?’
  • Dante cautions him about assuming things, he needs to ask her. 
  • I’m sure she meant to tell you. 
  • Meanwhile over at the counter Linc wants Brookie to make a deal with him. 
  • He requests she doesn’t embarrass him by letting the world know what a creep he is.
  • In return he will give her his music catalog back. 
  • Brookie needs to get this straight, he wants her to paint a good picture of him in her head. 
  • She does not know if that is a possibility.
  • Linc continues that she needs to go the extra mile, if she believes in Chase. 
  • If not she and Chase could end up the losers.
  • Work is calling, Dante has criminals to chase (lol).
  • Chase approaches Brookie & Linc at the counter.
  • He notices tension in the air, is everything okay.
  • Linc explains they were just ironing out a few details.
  • Chase asks if she is ok with his terms.
  • Brookie tells him everything is good. 
  • Chase trusts her to do the right thing.

General Hospital

  • Over in Britt’s office she tells Liesl the Huntington disease is progressing quicker than she expected.
  • Lisel tells her we can get a second opinion.  
  • She tells Liesl she was examined by Dr Talone, a specialist in Huntington Disease.
  • She was told that she had stage 1 when she was on the run, now she is at stage 3. 
  • What was the prognosis Liesl asks? 
  • Britt tells her mother she was told 5 to 15 years but in a year and a half I could end up in assisted living. 
  • Liesl explains to Britt they can start treatment.  
  • Britt says she does not need a doctor right now she needs a Mom. 
  • I need my daughter more than ever. 
  • Liesl tells her you deserve so much better.
  • It was the luck of the genetic draw, Britt tells Liesl. 
  • Liesl is not a quitter; she wants to fight back. 
  • Britt tells her to go home to Scott. 
  • I need to be alone and gather my thoughts.
General Hospital, Michael E Knight
Photo by Troy Harvey/ABC

Port Charles Docks

  • Valentin finds Martin at the docks.
  • He has a hummingbird cake that she had baked for him. 
  • He misses Lucy who worked hard trying to perfect the cake for him.
  • Martin is irate at Anna whom he thinks is guilty of shooting Lucy.
  • Valentin is positive that Anna was framed and did not shoot his girlfriend.
  • Martin knows Valentin is in love with Anna so he is biased. 
  • Valentin explains that Anna escaped so she could try to clear her name and find Lucy.
  • Martin knows that Valentin’s own father believes she is guilty.
  • That is what Victor wants everyone to think.
  • In talking with Martin, Valentin realizes there were 2 shots fired that night, but only one casing was found.
  • Anna would not need two shots. 
  • He tells Martin that is going to help him clear Anna.  
  • Valentin tells Martin they have work to do. 
  • Off they go to solve the mystery, clear a loved one and find a loved one!
General Hospital, Carolyn Hennesy
Photo by Troy Harvey/ABC

Metro Court Restaurant & Bar

  • Robert is in the restaurant enjoying the company of  Diane Miller.’
  • She finds it strange that he has a briefcase locked to his wrist.
  • Diane asks Robert, `”What do you have there?”
  • He says he has diamonds in the case.
  • Not just any diamonds, some of the ice princess diamonds.
  • She wants to see the diamonds, he won’t show them to her.
  • Holly is shown calling Victor. 
  • He tells her that she needs to get the diamonds.
  • Holly shows up at the table interrupting Robert and Diane.
  • He introduces Diane to Holly.
  • They are both fond of Robert. 
  • Holly excuses herself and gets a bottle from one of Victor’s men at the bar.  
  • She serves Tequila shots for them.
  • Diane declines due to the medication she is on after her attack. 
  • Holly, under the table, puts drugs in the salt shaker then hands it to Robert. 
  • He puts the salt on his hand and takes the shot.  (And you are an ex-WSB agent)
  • He is getting drowsy and Holly tells him he hit a rut.  
  • Robert falls over on the table.
  • He wakes up and says he is ok. 
  • Holly insists that he is not okay, that he needs a nap, that she needs to take him to her room. 
  • She asks Diane to send his contact downstairs. 
  • Diane’s wheels are turning, something doesn’t feel right about this.
  • Standing by the elevators Diane places a call to Robert.
  • She doesn’t feel right leaving him there alone.
  • At that split second the elevator doors open and Robert stumbles out.
  • Without the briefcase locked to his wrist.
  • Fade to Holly with the necklace in her hand.

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