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General Hospital Recap for Monday November 7, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Monday November 7, 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

Cast who appeared in todays episode:

  • Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)
  • Sonny Corinthos (Maurice 
  • Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullan)
  • Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)
  • TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow)
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst)
  • Terry Randolph (Cassandra James)
  • Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma)
  • Esme Prince (Avery Pohl)
  • Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)
  • Heather Webber (Alley Mills)
  • Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy)
  • Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)
  • Laura Collins (Genie Francis)
  • Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart
  • Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)
  • Cameron Webber (William Lipton)
  • Eileen Ashby (Heather Mazur)

Sets Used on today’s episode: 

  • Port Charles Park
  • Webber House
  • Wyndemere Castle
  • PCPD
  • General Hosital

Port Charles Park

  • Nina and Sonny are enjoying a little fresh air sitting on a bench in the Port Charles Park.
  • Wiley, Willow and Michael are also enjoying the park.
  • Michael is apologetic for missing Willows doctors appointment yesterday.
  • They are enjoying the great weather and Michael assures Willow that Wiley will not be an only child.
  • TJ is also taking a stroll through the park and run into Willow & Michael.
  • Michael receives a business call and needs to step away for a minute.
  • Willow confesses to  TJ that she is going to  finally tell Michael the truth after her meeting with Terry.
  • TJ hugs Willow to let her know how proud he is of her.
  • As they are embracing just so happens Sonny and Nina are strolling by.
  • Sonny apologizes for interrupting but says they saw Wiley.
  • Wiley rushes over to Nina, but Willow pulls him back.
  • Willow tells Sonny she is sure they can arrange for him to spend time with Wiley later. 
  • Michael storms over, and Nina assures him they were just leaving. 
  • She and Sonny quickly depart.
  • Sonny was surprised that Nina backed off so quickly.
    Nina knows her boundaries with Willow and Michael and they are never going to accept her.
  • Sonny presses her for the real problem.
  • Nina shares with Sonny that she thinks something is going on between Willow & TJ.
  • Sonny does not think that is the case.He knows TJ as an honorable man.
General Hospital, Genie Francis, Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers
Photo by Christine Bartolucci/ABC

General Hospital

  • Finn is in doubt, should he call Liz, should he not?
  • Heather is wheeled out only to taunt Finn again. 
  • She wants to know why he has such a happy face, which he does not.
  • He tells her he is so happy that he can give her the all clear and head her right back on up to the psych ward.
  • Valentin approaches Finn who instructs the orderlies to take Heather to meet with another doctor for her checkup. 
  • Valentin tells him Anna is being transferred tonight to Pentonville.
  • They must escalate their plan about Anna.
  • Finn has it under control.
  • Finn bumps into Terry in the corridor.
  • He knows there was no conference.
  • Should he be worried?
  • Liz is at her house and she can give him all the answers he needs.
  • Dr Randolph departs for an appointment with Willow.
  • The news is not good.
  • Willows leukemia is now at stage four.

Webber Home

  • Liz is home from her trip with Terry.
  • Cameron inquires how her trip was.
  • She is happy to be home with the people she loves.
  • Liz is angry and betrayed by what her parents did. 
  • She feels Violated.
  • Liz has no idea how to tell Finn that she is the reason his wife Reiko is dead.
  • Terry offers to be by her friends side when she tell Finn/
  • Elizabeth is torn about how to handle this new development.
  • Cameron catches Liz up on the latest hook attacks.
  • He tells his mother that Josslyn did spend the night while she was away.
  • He and Josslyn are now targets according to Jordan. 
  • Cameron leaves for school and Finn knocks on Elizabeth’s door.

Wyndemere Castle

  • In her lonely room at the castle, Esme is plotting  the great escape.
  • Not so fast she devil, your capture is watching over you as Nik enters.
  • Esme, who is trying to get the window open, tells Nik she just needs some fresh air.
  • Nikolas knows she is trying to escape or alert someone that she is being held hostage.
  • Nice try Esme, but the staff is paid to ignore your howls.
  • Nikolas leaves and locks Esme back in her room as she screams as loud as she can.
  • Victor is in the family room on the phone to Johan.
  • Why are you here? Nikolas wants to know.
  • Victor reminds him that he is moving into the Castle.
  • He warns him something big is about to happen and Nik must help him protect the family.
  • Nikolas is really sick of Victor and his antics.
  • If he doesn’t have anything important to say, then he needs to leave.
  • Victor gets a phone call that Charlotte is missing.
  • How can that be when he had all the bases covered.
  • Without warning, Laura enters the room.
  • “Hello Victor, aren’t you going to welcome me home?”
  • Back in the North Tower Esme does not plan to give up on her escape plan.
  • She has a window open and has tied the sheets together to make a rope.
  • Let’s see how that works out for her. Stay tuned folks@ 
General Hospital, Emma Samms
Photo by Christine Bartolucci/ABC


  • Anna is still locked up downstairs in the jail cells.
  • She is so surprised when Laura walks in to see her.
  • Anna is double surprised and so happy when she sees Valentin behind her.
  • Val rushes over to give Anna a wet one, and fills her in on Charlotte.
  • Letting her know that  Charlotte is home safe, and will be staying with Laura & Kevin.
  • She will be heavily guarded from Victor.
  • It was Laura and Keven who were their guardian angels and helped them escape.
  • They update Anna on the set up by Victor to frame Anna for shooting Lucy.
  • Not so quick, Laura will inform the people of Port Charles that the wrong person is locked up.
  • Laura departs to give them some alone time.
  • Valentin has a plan to break Anna out of jail.
  • Anna is being transferred to Pentonville tonight, she does not seem to think his plan will work.
  • Valentine wants Anna to trust him, that she does, with her life.
  • Holly and Robert are in his office at the PCPD.
  • She receives a text from your’s truly wanting to know what ADA’s case is against Anna?
  • Holly wants to help Robert help with his investigation into Lucy and Anna  cases.
  • It will be just like old times.
  • They are interrupted by Deputy Mayor Ashby, who confronts him over rumors that he’s placing calls to get Anna out of jail.
  • Ashby threatens Scopio that she will force him to turn in his badge.
  • He is an elected official and she has no power to do any such thing.
  • She will run the city as she sees fit until Mayor Collins returns.
  • Well said just as Mayor Collins enters the room and proclaims she has indeed returned.
  • Mayor Collins is not happy to hear of Asby’s behavior in her absence.
  • Laura is happy to see Holly and learns of her memory gaps.
  • She offers up Kevins help, Holly comes back with a quick ‘No.’
  • Laura asks Robert to see her out.
  • Ashby comes at Holly,  for almost getting them caught.
  • Laura knows something is off with Holly.
  • Robert returns to his office and you could cut the tension with a knife as Holly and Ashley try not to blow their cover.
  • Later that night a guard approaches Anna’s cell.
  • She asks if he is there to transport her to Pentonville.
  • “Oh, you’re not going anywhere,” he responds.

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