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General Hospital Recap for Friday December 9. 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Friday December 9. 2022

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

This is what happened on ‘General Hospital’ today!
Cast who appeared in todays episode:

  • Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)
  • Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)
  • Dex Heller (Evan Hofer)
  • Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)
  • Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)
  • Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse)
  • Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom)
  • Heather Webber (Alley Mills)
  • Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst)
  • Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)
  • Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez)
  • Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy)

Sets Used on today’s episode: 

  • General Hospital
  • Pozzulo’s
  • Port Charles Grill
  • Spring Ridge
  • Harborview Towers

Sonny’s Office

  • Sonny calls Nina from his office. 
  • She is watching Donna until he gets home.
  • She orders dinner for her and Sonny.
  • He hangs up from his love and Dex comes by his office.
  • Dex is trying to get information about the big deal Sonny mention to him that is going down so he can report back to Michael.
  • Sonny asks Dex what is more important to him, working for him or making time for Josslyn. (they are fooling no one).
  • Dex explains to Sonny once again that Josslyn  saved my life and my freedom. 
  • She did me a huge favor, I am forever  grateful to her. 
  • Dex reminds him that it was not his intent to get her involved, but that is how it worked out, as far as he is concerned that is as far as it goes. (right Dex).
  • Sonny is happy to hear that, because Dex needs to focus on his job seriously.
  • Sonny tells him that he has been cleaning up his mess from the Pentonville transport bus incident.
  • Sonny shares that he  was in debt at Dex age. 
  • I had a guardian angel on my shoulder, everyone is not that lucky.
  • Sonny tells Dex that he needs to figure out what eally matters and what does not.
  • Sonny pulls out a gun and mumbles out loud to Dex.
  • The hardest thing I ever had to do was to learn when to use a gun and when to keep the safety on.
  • If you are going to be a part of my organization, it is high time you learn the same lesson as he slides the gun over to him.
  • Dex is instructed to take the gun and also informed that he will be going with Sonny to a very important meeting.
  • Dex will be Sonny’s top security, does he have any questions
  • He does not, he is just ready to go, ready to get the goods on Sonny.
  • Sonny throws him the car keys which indicates you are now in charge of keeping me safe.
  • They leave for the meeting.
General Hospital, Eden McCoy, Cynthia Watrosl
Photo of Eden McCoy by Troy arvey/ABC Photo of Cynthia Watros by Valerie Durant/ABC

Harborview Towers
Sonny’s Penthouse

  • There is a knock at the penthouse door.
  • Nina thinks the MC restaurant is delivering the dinner she ordered for her and Sonny early.
  • Instead, when she opens the door it is not the MCH it is Josslyn with her “I hate Nina” attitude pushing her way inside to retrieve Donna.
  • First hiss at Nina is why is she there alone with Donna  when Sonny is gone.?
  • Nina informs her there are new rules in place.
  • She is a part of Donna’s fathers life and Joss really needs to get over herself.
  • Josslyn says she is there to pick Donna up and will take her to her mother.
  • Nina tells her that Sonny is on his way home and would like to see Donna before she leaves.
  • Josslyn really doesn’t care.
  • She tells Nina that she will wait on Donna to finish eating her dinner, but if Sonny has not arrived home too bad.
  • He needs to get his priorities in order.
  • Josslyn sings that old broken tune about how Nina took her mothers husband.
  • She is not mad though, actually she is happy she took him.
  • It set Carly free, she no longer has to jump through hoops to protect Sonny from himself.
  • Actually Nina is probably her favorite.
  • Nina takes that as an insult to Sonny saying he is a womanizer.
  • Josslyn tells her those words come out of her mouth. 
  • She takes the fifth!
  • Nina trying to make small talk with Josslyn (bless her little heart), clues her in on Willow faiting.
  • Of course the first words out of Josslyn’s mouth is what did you do to Willow
  • So let’s get past all that dialog, Nina always thinks she is making nice when she is not, Carly is always coming to the rescue when she needs to sweep out her own closet and Josslyn, well she had turned into her mother (that is all I am saying)..
  •  Nina says the only thing she regret keeping the truth about Sonny to herself.  
  • Josslyn is thinking about Dex, and in reality she knows that she is doing the same thing.
  • Nina asks Josslyn about Cameron which she quickly tells her that is none of her business.
  • Truth is Nina she hasn’t a clue herself. (let’s get real).
  • Sonny walks the doors with Dex as his shadow.
  • He is surprised to see Josslyn at his penthouse. 
  • She very quickly lets him know she is only there to pick up Donna.
  • Nina invites Dex to stay and have dinner with them but he declines and leaves.
  • Sonny ask what is really going on there since he didn’t hear any screaming and sees nothing broken.
  • She replies to Sonny that she thinks Josslyn has other things on her mind. 

Port Charles Grill

  • Rory and Trina are at the grill and romance is in the air.
  • Spencer and Uncle Victor arrive just in time to overhear their conversation.
  • Rory tells Trina that he is in love with her and Spencer loses his appetite.
  • While Rory’s confession has Trina speechless.
  • Rory does not expect her to say anything and hands her a gift.
  • It is a perfume called L’Amour. 
  • Trina looks up only to lock eyes with Spencer who is standing right behind Rory.
  • Rory turns to see what Trina is gazing on and sees Spencer standing there.
  • Trina is surprised to see him standing there.
  • “How are you a free man?” she asks.
  • Nikolas falling back into his old self quickly perks up with you know my family is very powerful.
  • Spencer pockets the gift Cyrus gave him to give her and walks off with a very broken heart.
  • Victor tells Spencer they are going nowhere and grabs a table.
  • He tells him that you are Cassadine and Cassadines do not give up.
  • Christmas is coming early for Spencer as he looks up and Rory has walked off to take a phone call.
  • Here is his chance: he quickly walks over and asks if he can sit down.
  • He does not waste any time, asking Trina if they can start over?
  • Trina does not think so with all that has happened between them.
  • Spencer being all grown up says. “I suppose that is fair.”
  • I did what I did and there are consequences that I have to deal with. 
  • Trina says it’s hard to talk about this right now, right here.
  • Spencer knows her and Rory were in the middle of something special.
  • He heard what Rory said to her, how much he loved her.
  • Trina says to him,  it’s not what you think, it’s complicated.
  • Spencer explains that when a guy takes a lady to the finest restaurant in town, tells her that he loves her and gives her a romantic gift, what else could it mean.
  • Outside Victor is running interference with Rory.
  • He tells him that as a officer of the law he should know when to hold them and when to fold them.
  • Rory and Victor head back into the grill.
  • He asks Trina if everything is okay, Spencer replies it is and exits the table.
  • He has to head back to the station so he will return Trina to her home.
  • Victor informs Spencer if Trina picks Roryover him then that would be her loss.
  • Spencer heads to the restroom and leaves the gift he had for Trina on the table.
  • Victor pockets the two turtle doves that Cyrus gave Spencer in his pocket.
General Hospital, Alley Mills
Photo by Christopher Willard/ABC

Spring Ridge

  • Heather lets herself in Ryan’s room where he is sitting with his usual blank look on his face.
  • Hello Lover, she says, as behind him.
  • A blast from the past, says Heather, “it feels like a lifetime ago.”
  • Remember when we were lovers, when we were bad it was so, so good.
  • Do you remember when we met, she asked? 
  • I smelled smoke from a burning cabin out in the middle of nowhere.
  • And there you were. 
  • You were so talented in so many ways. 
  • We were soulmates.
  • She knows him inside and out.
  • She doesn’t think he’s telling the truth about not speaking.
  • Then he startles her while she is dead in his face by speaking.
  • He said you broke my heart.
  • See there Heather says, “I knew you were in there.”
  • You cannot fool me Ryan, we are two of a kind. (yep both crazy and very dangerous).
  • You just up and disappear.
  • She smacks Ryan in the face and tells him that was for what he did to Franco.
  • She always knew their paths would cross again.
  • She apologizes for walking out on him and says she owes him one.
  • Ryan says 2, you owe me 2.
  • Heather steps back, what is he talking about.
  • When you left, you left with the baby we created. (well there you go, que Esme) Crazy makes crazy who does crazy!
General Hospital, Michael Easton. Rebecca Herbst
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

General Hospital

  • Lizzie is surprised that Finn would go to Spoon Island looking for Esme.
  • She spots the prenatal pills and moves in front of the bottle trying to block Finns view.
  • He tells her that she led him to Wyndemere.
  • She seems puzzled, I lead you to spoon island?
  • Finn has connected the dots.
  • Esme attacked Lizzie on the pier and then disappeared.
  • Finn thinks Nikolas is hiding her on the island.
  • He thinks he should call Jordan with this information.
  • Lizzie  begs him to let this go.
  • He cannot let it go. 
  • He is worried that Esme could come after Violet and she has already attacked you.
  • She tells Finn that he is a healer, not a detective. 
  • They are walking out of his office when he remembers some reports he will need.
  • He turns and walks back into the office where he sees the bottle of prenatal vitamins. 
  • Finn picks the bottle up and tells Lizzie she left these behind. 
  • Finn remembers seeing that same bottle at Wyndemere.
  • He is putting two and two together and he wants answers.
  • He looks at Lizzie and ask her if she is pregnant.

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