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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday January 25, 2023

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday January 25, 2023

Daily recap for General Hospital with all the twist & turns from our point of view!

We do GH Recaps Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s.
On today’s episode of “General Hospital.”

Cast who appeared in todays episode:

  • Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)
  • Cameron Webber (William Lipton)
  • Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez)
  • Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)
  • Laura Collins (Genie Francis)
  • Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy)
  • Carly Spencer (Laura Wright)
  • Drew Cane(Cameron Mathison)
  • Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero)
  • Wylie Quartermaine .(Viron Weaver)
  • Anna DeVane (Finola Hughes)
  • Valentine Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)
  • Martin Grey (Michael E Knight)
  • Charlotte Cassadine (Amelia McClain)
  • Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring)
  • Renee Laveque (Maria Tornberg)

Sets Used on today’s episode: 

  • Kelly’s Diner 
  • PCU/Dorm
  • Paris Catacombs
  • Metro Court Hotel Bar 
  • Quartermaine Gatehouse

Synopsis:  Over at Kelly’s Laura is leaving as Trina and Spencer are arriving. She informs them that Cameron could use a good friend tonight. Spencer has this as Trina ask what is going on. He informs her that Josslyn stabbed Cameron in the back. They head in grab a table and ask Cameron what is going on with him and Josslyn. He tels Trina that she broke up with him. Trina thinks they can work things out. Cameron says no way in hell and storms off.

Trina changes the subject and asks Spencer who will be going with him to Britt’s memorial tomorrow? She offers to accompany him for support and he happily accepts.  She gives him the 411 on her mother by telling him that she is not a happy camper that Trina has let him back in her life. Spencer tells her that is because they care about her just like other people do.

She then asks when was the last time he saw Nikolas. He wants absolutely nothing to do with his father. Does he think that will interfere with him having any communication with his new sibling? Spencer fills her in on his plans to fight for custody of the baby. 

Photo by Christine Bartoucci/ABC

Carly stops by the dorm to check on Josslyn. She  is rethinking what she said to Cameron.   She tells Carly that she screwed up.  

She tells Carly that she hurt Cameron all over again.  I lost him as a friend. She confesses that Cameron  came by to check on her and she wasn’t alone.   He came back with me from the hospital.  They ordered some food after having sex. There was a knock at the door, we thought it was the pizza. Dex answered the door with no shirt on and she had on less. It was Cameron not the pizza boy.  I’m sorry I hurt Cameron, but not sorry I was with Dex. Cameron asked her if she had slept with Dex before they were broken up. Said she did not have to answer him, he could tell by the look on her fact that she had cheated on him  She told Carly that her and Dex had been having sex since New Years.  Carly tells her that Dex is risking his life being with her and working for Sonny.  She tells her that she was with Jason when she was young.  She explains that Joss is going down a very difficult road. She needs to make sure she is ready for that and that this is really what she wants. Josslyn says she doesn’t want anything to come between her and Dex.  Carly  says that both Cameron and Willow were hurt by the lies they kept to themselves. Josslyn says it is better to always tell the truth. (practice what you preach). You know were sre just alike Carly tells her daughter. Nothing is more rewarding than having your mother. I will always be here for you. As an afterthought Josslyn asks how is Willow? She is praying Nina is a match. Carly also shares because of her lies the does not know if she and Drew are still together.

Photo Rick Rowell/ABC

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Drew and Wiley are arm wrestling.  There is a knock on the door.  It’s Olivia. She invites Wiley for a sleepover at the main house.  Oliva knows Drew is worried about Willow, she is happy to give him a break.  She tells Drew that she knows Nina is Willow’s Mom.  She hopes Nina is a match.  Olivia can tell something serious is on his mind. She ask if he wants to talk about it. Drew tells her that Carly knew since Harmony died tgat Nina was Willows real mother  and kept it from everyone.  She also sabotaged his search for Willow’s birth mom.  Carly confessed, only after she found out that Willow had leukemia.  Olivia ask if he thought  their friendship can survive this?  Drew says he does trust Carly, but that doesn’t change the fact that she lied to him. Truth is very important to him. Olivia says that is because you care. Olivia shares that her and Carly have fought but she has also come through for me..  He doesn’t know how he can continue to be with her. He cannot be in a relationship with anyone that thinks lying is okay. Olivia wishes them luck and returns to the main house. There is a knock at the gatehouse door, Drew answers and stares at Carly standing there.

Laura and Charlotte are having lunch at the Metro Court Restaurant.  Martin strolls in and sees them. Both invite him to have lunch with them. 

Charlotte says he looks like he needs a friend.  She heads to the little girls room but overhears Victor on the phone.  She is about to walk away when he spots her and tells her to hold it right there.  He wants to talk to her. He heard and would like to why she thinks that he would do anything to her father. She tells him that she knows that he sent her to boarding school to keep her away from her father.  Victor said her father makes his own choices that are keeping him out of town. He said he intends to bring them all back together soon. Laura walks up to hear that part of their conversation, She takes Charlotte’s hand and tells Victor that they will be skipping that reunion and for him to stay away from Charlotte. 

GH,Amelia McClain
Photo by Christine Bartoucci/ABC

Back at their table, Laura tells Martin that she has faith in Anna and Valentin saving Lucy.  Martin says that Cyrus suggested they work together.  Laura asks Martin if he was considering it?  Laura explains that Cyrus’s good intentions come with an agenda. Laura tells Martin to have faith in Anna and Valentin who will bring Lucy home. Martin is tired of sitting around doing nothing.  He is getting back at Victor by representing Esme.

How could you take Esme’s case?  Martin is going to use Esme as leverage. Laura warns Martin do not try to out maneuver Victor. It never ends well.

Down in the Paris Catacombs Valentin and Anna are trying to talk to Lucy.  She has tape over her mouth and they cannot understand her. Anna asks if there are any other points of entry. Renee is looking on as they try and get Lucy loose. Renee steps out and is now holding a gun on them.  She says they are not leaving.  She has them step away from Lucy.  Her henchmen come in with guns.  Lucy asks if she is going to kill them? Renee calls Victor and puts him on speaker phone.  Victor asks how their reunion is with Lucy, then tells them it will be short lived. Victor commands the men to remove Anna and take Lucy and Valentin with them. While being grabbed by a guard, Valentin yells that he will kill his father by himself.

Renee is fumbling through Anna’s purse when she spots something strange, asking what it is, Anna hits a button on her watch and there is a large explosion. Anna decks Renee and Valentin gets the two guards.With Renee and the guards dead, Anna, Valentin, and Lucy manage to flee. They refuse Lucy’s request for a phone so she can call Martin. According to Valentin, it must remain as though everyone believes they are also dead.

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