‘General Hospital Spoilers for January 2-6, 2023

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Here you can get a sneak preview with a little twist of what’s happening in the small town of Port Charles, New York, from ABC Network and Executive Producer Frank Valintini. Which characters will entertain you this week?


Lock down at Prospect Studios. Show is *PREEMPTED

TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2023: Episode 15128
The Hook attacks again. (yep they were lurking on the Haunted Star and not a soul saw them). Nikolas confides in Liz.(Poor Lizzie, she really needs to rethink her choices before acting on them). Spencer is stunned.(only my guess, but he must see Esme and her big tummy). Dante opens up to Sam.(something shady happened when Dante & Cody were kids. It is best he shares with Sam now, because Cody has never been one to keep things discrete). Carly and Drew celebrate.(slipping off together is never a bad idea)!

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2023: Episode 15129 

Cameron and Scott catch up. (Even though his son is gone, Scott loves those boys, he is watching over them since Franco can not). Trina voices her doubts. (Trina feels as though she is on to something because she has been keeping a very open mind and listening carefully to the people of Port Charles). Nik and Liz put their heads together, (Lizzie just can never resist the Prince when he falls). Laura visits Ava (what in the world can Ava do for Laura? You would be surprised)!. Dante interrogates a patient at G.H. 

THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 2023: Episode 15130

Martin takes on a new client. (finally the lawyer has something to do). Felicia makes a suggestion to Cody (just tell her that Mac is your dad). Liz seeks Kevin’s assistance (Lizzie needs Doc to help her clear things up). Heather defends her actions (of course she does, she is cra cra). Tragic news spreads through Port Charles (well we know the hook struck again, so many speculations, you will need to watch and see)..

FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2023: Episode 15131 

Sonny blasts Nikolas. (Spencer is very special to Sonny; poppa  Nik, not so much. Spencer gets shocking news (surprises come in all forms that can be rather shocking). Carly offers support (she gives support to someone important to her, but she could better support if she would tell the truth).  Willow answers a very important call. Liesl takes matters into her own hands (doesn’t she always? It is not in her nature to just sit back and watch everything snowball).

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